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More jammy moments of happiness from Hollywood Bowl and The Greek Berkeley... 1) A little Chaka into our jealous funk 2) Don’t Sleep go-go breakdown (cuz Tiny Desk doesn’t do it justice imho) 3) Minneapolis Cool mixed up with Liar, a deep cut from Fancy Footwork

Some of my fave jammy moments from the band show at the Hollywood Bowl. 1) Guitar solo into band intro/drum solo (you gotta have that) 2) Minneapolis funk tempo change into Jealous 3) Pee and I noodling by ourselves just like we did on Saturday morning rehearsals when we were 16 years old.

Shine on

Q: Do you have any special hobbies or obsessions that people don't know about? A: Lunch, dinners, friendship, islands, sun, movies, cooking pasta, making cocktails, talking for hours, reading books, raising kids, France design from the 20’s, Italian design from the 80's, and always having beautiful things in front of my eyes. Two summers ago we planned on making a zine for the 10 year anniversary of Fancy Footwork. The idea was to feature all of the album’s contributors. Of course Zdar was on top of the list. I never got around to finishing the zine but I got Philippe’s interview and these beautiful pictures shot at his studio by @laurentsegretier. Swipe for some amazing quotes and bits of wisdom from this man who was truly larger than life AND lived life to the fullest. Cassius’ new album DREEMS is out today. Rest In Peace Philippe Zdar, merci pour tout brozeur.

Check the picture above. Top left, Charlotte Perriand sconce. Look at those ceiling light fixtures. That white table lamp. The WALL of Pultec EQs. Philippe Zdar was a man of impeccable taste. And he didn’t have one single ounce of pretentiousness. He was so generous in the way he shared his wisdom and advice with those around him. He was a natural mentor. He’s the first one I saw with a Cartier Tank, I didn’t even know what that was. “Same as Gainsbourg.” I know he sat in on Serge sessions when he was a kid himself. I was 28, still impressionable. Music notwithstanding (I don’t think one lifetime is enough to digest everything you witness during a Zdar session) Philippe taught me about French design, about Italian shoes, about what parts of Ibiza aren’t crowded with tourists and what vacation spots to hit in Greece. Those Grundig Audiorama speakers I put in my brother’s home in LA? I got them from Zdar’s Motorbass studio. It’s like he was from another era...I once saw him count in Francs! When I moved to Paris back in ‘06, his reputation as a debonair heartthrob preceded him. I saw him become a devoted, enamored family man. Father of three. Madly in love. What a G. While we were mixing Fancy Footwork I taught him about the bro code. He’d never heard that expression before. From then on, he signed all our texts “code bro”. Certain people are adored, they have constellations of friends, and they still manage to make every single one feel special. @atrak said it in his post this morning: it’s important to have heroes. Philippe Zdar was one of mine. photo: @laurentsegretier

In memory of Philippe Zdar. I’m going to write a couple of posts about Philippe. This first one is about our musical relationship. Please swipe to read. photo: @laurentsegretier

Hollywood Bowl

Pre-show lounge attire, this shirt elicits explicit feelings in me

Los Angeles, California

Me in my pajamas slash LinkedIn profile pic if I had LinkedIn

Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl stage louque

Got a throat infection a sinus infection AND lost my voice (tour life is no joke!) buuuuuut I’m back on track and ready for SLO tonight aaaaaand SF Greek + Hollywood Bowl mega weekend alongside my faves @toroymoi & @ianisiah 🔥🤘🏼🎥🤯

Fool's Gold Records

Our second book on Fool’s Gold Press: One Late Summer by @ysaperez. An intimate glimpse into Brooklyn’s motorcycle youth culture. Limited ed, link in stories. Swipe for some images from the show.

Need to work on my form

Portland, Oregon

41 years old, fresh out the shower and late to the airport

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Red Rocks, red shoes, red shirt, red belt, red Sub, READY for next year. But swipe right to see what really makes my OCD flare up.

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