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~Founder @wienetwork, @otherfestival ~Champion for women in the workplace ~Brit New Yorker (by way of Ghana)


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Commiserations to Serena Williams for missing out on a 24th Grand Slam win. Love her response to the journalist who suggested she maybe “stop fighting for equality, and just focus on the tennis.” 📷 @onherturf

Thank you to @mikabrzezinski @NBCnews platform @knowyourvalue for inviting me to speak about one of my favorite topics - how we build strong, genuine, lasting, helpful business relationships. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Why do we love Megan Rapinoe and the US women’s soccer team so much? Because not only is she a brilliant player but she uses her platform to speak out on issues of racial injustice, LGBTQIA rights, and more. A hero for our times

Please just stop policing women’s clothing, bodies, lives... (@bridgetphetasy / @shaunking)

How do I explain the to him? That should celebrate freedom for all. That no one is free unless we are all free.

As you celebrate with your families, please don’t forget about the families being separated at the border or being detained in inhumane conditions. To help follow @aclu_nationwide @raicestexas 📷@padmalakshmi.

If I ever achieved anything close to the greatness of the Williams sisters, this is exactly how I would want to pass the torch. To someone I’d inspired and paved the way for.

Brooklyn, New York

School’s out and if you are a mom who works outside the home, that means you have to figure out what to do with with your kids all summer long. 1 in 3 families actually go into debt over this period paying for summer childcare. The school calendar was devised in the 19th century, a period when few women had outside jobs and children would take the summer off to help their parents till the land. We are long overdue an update that supports working moms

. There’s nothing like getting out of town and hitting reset, to give you clarity.

Who’s watching the debates? And who do you think is doing well?

This is a @NormaKamali appreciation post. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to a designer who has paved the way for so many, still fully owns her business, and still very much competes with the best of them in the fashion arena (exhibit A - yellow dress). Thank you for always being such a great friend and supporter, whether I need sympathy, no nonsense business advice, or indeed, the perfect dress. 💛💛💛

West Village

Women hate the word networking, so I never use it. I say salons, dinners, breakfasts, festivals, rooftop cocktails. But the purpose is the same - to help us form the deep and genuine connections we need to succeed. Friends who will help us troubleshoot and strategize, who will commiserate the tough stuff and celebrate the good times. Because it’s hard to do it alone. Thank you at @dawnladavis for opening up your lovely home.

Coming home to news about the terrible conditions detained children are being kept in, and now the planned raids on undocumented immigrants. Follow @unitedwedream for resources and how to help

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

Collaboration over competition. Imagine a dinner that brought together brands, ad agencies, creators and activists, all in one room and with one mission - to discuss how to bring about a truly diverse, inclusive and representative ad industry. That was the goal. That’s what we did. A thousand thank you’s to my co-hosts Alma Har’el (Free the Bid), Colleen DeCourcy (Wieden+Kennedy), Christena Pyle (TimesUp), Tiffany Warren (Omnicom) & Jen Cohan (Edelman). And to all the powerhouse women who showed up! Plus a special thank you to @jencohan @edelman for supporting. Alone we’re a force, together we’re a movement.

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

The first time I went to Cannes I was a naive young assistant and completely overexcited to be there. I shared a bunk bed in a room with two other people and had a $20 per diem which I would save, and survive by eating free peanuts at events. To be back here as CEO of my own company and hosting a dinner for powerful ad execs and creatives is testament to the fact that anything is possible. Thank you to @madebyvoz for the beautiful dress

Happy to this great papa! There’s an interesting new study out and it’s about dad shaming. In the report, more than half the dads surveyed said they’d been criticized about the way they parent, and 44% of that criticism was actually from their child’s other parent. I’ve definitely been guilty of this. From correcting the way my husband put on diapers or held the baby in the early days to disliking his tougher stance on discipline. And more recently, it’s his laid back approach to mealtime, ie pizza rather than my ‘perfectly devised’ nutritionally balanced meal plans. Society’s assumptions about gender parental roles, which gives the mother precedent is detrimental to both parents. The study showed that not only did the criticism make fathers feel less confident about their parenting skills, it also made them want to be less involved. Obviously the latter is not ok, but it is important for us mothers to recognize this behavior in ourselves and to step back sometimes, not only to give our partners the opportunity to step up but to also give ourselves a break. A less involved co-parent is more work for you. Just know that your kids actually benefit from the full parental experience, pizza and all.

New York, New York

I may look very earnest and serious on the outside but inside I’m feeling happy, proud and optimistic. This week we launched the @BlackWomenRaise community, a network of entrepreneurs, funders and business leaders invested in helping women founders succeed. Last night we partnered with Silicon Valley Bank to launch the first in our new salon series. Thank you to trailblazer Yvette Butler, head of Silicon Valley Bank for hosting us and for our inspiring conversation. And to the whole SVB team for all the valuable insights on MONEY - how to raise it, grow it and not lose it. So important to build wealth in our own communities. I’ve never been one to sit on the sidelines when it comes to the issues I care about. Join our movement by signing up at blackwomenraise.com . . . . . . . . . . . .

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