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Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle ❤

Digby and Alo - Griffons from Wellington, New Zealand. Email: Digby@DigbyVanWinkle.com


Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle ❤ (@digbyvanwinkle) Instagram photos and videos

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Guess who got an eye trim! 👀

Took him for a walk to meet mum after work and he just sat because obviously that will make her arrive faster.

That moment you realise you’re not the only one at the beach.

We woke up to the devastating news that one one of our dearest puppy pals Sumo (@meettheinbreds) needs spinal surgery urgently. Sumo’s family love him very much and to be honest, so do we. Sumo has been a source of laughs and inspiration for many years (yes shut up we copied some of his photos but look at his page and you’ll see why). Please share his campaign, get the word out and help save his life, just like Sumo and his family have done for the foster dogs that have been rehabilitated and given a second chance through their love and dedication. The link is in our bio and will stay there until they reach their goal.

Life’s good when you don’t have to go to an office every day 🤓

What I wake up to when it’s past breakfast time already.

Rainy days call for a “walk” at the hardware store. @bunningsnz

Weekend got me like 😴

What’s that? You miss our pictures? Well you’ll have to wait because we are in Nashville and the kids are back home in little old Wellington. I guess this throwback will have to do.

When you want a treat so you put your cute face on.

Ugh, mid week is the worst.

When you do all your shopping at @kmartaus

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