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Elizabeth Warren

US Senator, MA. Fmr teacher & law professor. Wife, mom (Amelia, Alex, Bailey, CFPB), grandmother & Okie. Official account: 2020 Presidential Campaign.


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If you made it big, you should have to put a little back in to help everyone else make it, too. My on the wealthiest 0.1% of Americans would help level the playing field for everyone.

Fifty years ago today, our country put Americans on the moon. At first it seemed impossible, but we got it done because our government made bold investments in science, innovation, and American workers. President Kennedy knew that we didn’t have the technology to achieve this goal at first—and his commitment spurred a decade of scientific and technological mobilization leading up to the moon landing. To tackle climate change today, we need to make another bold commitment. That's why I’ve proposed a Green Apollo Program to tackle climate change head on, including $400 billion in government funding over the next 10 years for clean energy research and development—more than 10 times what we invested in the last 10 years. The Apollo 11 mission is a perfect reminder that if we dream big enough, fight hard enough, and invest in American ingenuity, we can accomplish incredible things. In fact, we can protect our planet for generations to come. Read more about the Green Apollo Program at the link in the bio.

People ask me how I stay energized on the trail (I don’t drink coffee). Here’s the answer: Grassroots supporters like you! If you’re dreaming big, fighting hard, and ready to win in 2020, then chip in to my campaign through the link in my bio. We can only do this together.

For decades, Washington has lived by one rule: If it’s good for Wall Street, it’s good for the economy. Today in Sioux City, Iowa, I talked about my new plan to change that rule.

For decades, Washington has lived by a simple rule: If it’s good for Wall Street, it’s good for the economy. But it just isn’t true. Big banks are making record profits and handing out huge bonuses as average wages barely budge. Study after study shows that, past a certain point, a growing financial sector the rest of the economy by extracting money from it. And America is way past that point. Wall Street is looting the economy—and Washington is helping them do it. I’m tired of big financial firms padding their own pockets while the rest of the economy suffers, and that’s why I’ve got a plan to end it. I’ll end Wall Street’s legalized looting by reining in private equity firms that plunder companies for profit while costing thousands of people their jobs. I’ll address the incentives that encourage useless speculation that can make bankers very rich but undermines the rest of the economy. I’ll appoint regulators who will reverse the Trump-era weakening of rules that make the financial system safer and more productive. And I’ll push our financial system back to its core purpose: giving people a place to put their money and connecting savers with borrowers. I’ve spent a lot of my career studying how financial firms make money by tricking and trapping filies. And after I proposed a new federal agency to protect consumers, I spent nearly a year setting up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and helping write new rules to down on financial scs. Financial firms have helped push our economy badly off track, and I done with Washington ignoring the evidence and acting as if boosting Wall Street helps filies. It's time to stop the looting, boost wages, grow our economy, and rein in Wall Street. Read the full plan at the link in the bio.

Every time I meet a grassroots supporter, I feel grateful down to my bones. Person by person and plan by plan, we’re building a movement to make our country work for working people. Will you join this fight and chip in $3 at the link in the bio today?

Giant corporations like Amazon have too much power—in fact, nearly half of all e-commerce goes through Amazon. My administration will make big, structural changes to the tech sector to promote more competition—including breaking up Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

I always have a “Mr. Rogers moment” when I put on my sneaks.

Immigrant families, working families, families on the ragged edge of the middle class—when I’m president, I promise to fight for your family as hard as I fight for mine. Will you chip in $3 or whatever you can to help our grassroots movement keep fighting? Link in bio.

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