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Model, Actress & Wildlife Warriors Ambassador Workout program @TheBodyByEllie Represented by @onedaydreampr


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Ginger throwback

Double sessions all week, love my besties new gym is so close by and I get to work out with her everyday when I’m home 👯‍♀️

When I decided to stop being scared of what I most in life and made the decisions to them instead was when my life truly started! You gotta get uncomfortable to GET comfortable! You grow from your and being scared but once you step outside of your comfort zone you discover a whole new you, what you are truly capable of and just how strong you are. There’s a whole new world on the edge (how appropriate, an Aladdin song). An example, I was so terrified of heights it stopped me from doing so many things, this year I that fear and I’d do it 100x over. I felt on top of the world and looking back at this along with the things I’ve done this year already makes me excited for that next uncomfortable step that I will be embarking on next week! What do you think it is? What’s your fear you want to conquer? ❤️ thanks @skydivedubai @visit.dubai xo

Jim Carrey called and wants his mask back 🌪😂 This is my go to @olehenriksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask. I pair this with the Pore Sauna Scrub (heats up on application) for a deeper cleanse & hot/cold experience... It’s a perfect quick pre makeup mask to get my skin prepped for the day without drying it out. PS you didn’t hear it from me, but one of the big players in the Ole office said it will also 100% make Cameron Diaz fall in love with you. *that last statement cannot be certified by Ole* 😂 Available online/in store at @sephoraaus

One of the best things about icy hair... you can have no tan and no makeup and you don’t look like a white walker lol 😂

I feel fresher ❄️ thanks to my gal on hair today @brodieleerokstar & @blacklashink

Chamberlain West Hollywood

Hello June 💕 how fast is 2019 going by the way.. @chamberlainweho


My face when I see a snack... BTS with @lorealpro for their latest campaign. Not this stylish right now on a flight back to LA 😂😝 Hair. @adrianamarmino @borisboriswho @brodieleerokstar Beauty. @rossandrewartha Jewels. @cerronejewellers @colourthesmartway

Taking my day off (makeup) with my usual routine and consistency is everything.. Using @OleHenriksen Glow2oh Dark Spot Toner helps reduce the look of dark spots (pimple scars), it’s also perfect for brightening and smoothing my skin for radiant makeup the next day. Since I started using this a few months ago I find I’m wearing less makeup day to day because the color of my skin is much more consistent even when I a little more pale since going PLATINUM recently.. it’s also alcohol free ✌🏽 I follow this with Goodnight Glow before bed for the best beauty sleep 🌙 Available at @sephoraaus

Sydney, Australia

Caption this.. On location shooting the @lorealpro campaign. Hair. @adrianamarmino @borisboriswho Glam. @rossandrewartha

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