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“The right of the PEOPLE to KEEP and BEAR ARMS, Shall NOT BE INFRINGED.” @vdevelopmentgroup - “Ex_Civ” 7% off any holster


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There are not multiple ways to skin a cat optimally. There’s “works for me” and then there are modern experienced based practices. . Repost @antifragiletraining “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” -Hamlet

If you aren’t getting calls from your neighbors, are you even shooting? If your handguard isn’t on fire, are you even having fun? 📸: @solscud007 @modlitesystems @vdevelopmentgroup @_vertac @vf1systems @paratusfortysix

Tfw Me: “I’m conducting a 2a audit” LEO: *shoots me*

12 Week @vdevelopmentgroup Holster Review • Megingjörð Belt V2 • Rigel Glock TLR1 Holster • Flat Wedge • @discreetcarryconcepts Clips The wedge (along with the claw) pushes the grip into your gut more for better grip concealment making the G34 a breeze to conceal in a tshirt. More importantly, the wedge keeps the bottom of the holster from digging into your grip-side leg when you squat, bend down, sit, drive, or ride horses. These sponges are compatible with any holster and are definitely a must have from here on out. The clips are extremely aggressive and the correct type of clip to use for concealed carry as they cannot break or be easily removed during physical confrontation. The belt is very stable. I’m using an extra loop because, being skinny, the grip was dipping into my pants no matter how tight I got the belt. The current configuration is now extremely stable. I’m able to run, jump fences, and ride horses without it shifting. I’m pretty particular about velcro and this belt hasn’t degraded at all in 12 weeks, definitely the nicest velcro that I own (I’m very impressed). The belt is very rigid scuba webbing for the first 9” of it, giving a very stable platform for the claw to push against, and is pliable on the rest of the length. The holster is made of top grade kydex and cannot flex under stress or while sitting. Use “ex_civ” for a 7% discount on all @vdevelopmentgroup holsters.

@vertac_firearms_training Darkness Skill Builder. The first class or formal training I’ve ever taken. I received some good low-light safety instruction and saw some areas I need to improve on. I’m using the @modlitesystems OKW on a m600df as a handheld. 📹: @dev_n512 @elitearmory

Mr. Blackrilfe: Suck this protected 🍆✊🏻💦 TLDR: If you participated, you’re now part of a protected class, meaning PC 32310 (a)(b) now doesn’t effect you from here on out. You can make, buy, sell, lend, and import mags as long as only protected parties are involved. Which should mean that companies in and out of CA can continue to sell and import mags to the protected class, and the protected class can continue to manufacture and buy from the protected class in and outside of CA. **I’m not a lawyer and this hasn’t been confirmed yet, just a prevailing interpretation of the stay**

•EDIT• Read the last paragraph again, now read it again. PERMANENT INJUNTION ENJOINING ENFORCEMENT OF PC32310 SHALL REMAIN IN EFFECT FOR THOSE WHO MANUFACTURED, IMPORTED, SOLD, OR BOUGHT MAGS BETWEEN... PC 32310: “any person in this state who manufactures or causes to be manufactured, imports into the state, keeps for sale, or offers or exposes for sale, or who gives, lends, buys, or receives any large-capacity magazine...” As it reads, if you participated in the frenzy you are exempt from PC 32310 permanently, which includes importing, manufacturing, selling, and buying standard capacity magazines, which in extension means you can CONTINUE TO PURCHASE, SELL, MANUFACTURE, AND IMPORT standard capacity mags. When this reaches the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the ban is upheld, it will then go to the SCOTUS where if the ban is dropped will effect every state in the country. Op: @arizona_patriot


Ca Drops Mag Ban Ca Strikes Down PC 32310(a) “any person in this state who manufactures or causes to be manufactured, imports into the state, keeps for sale, or offers or exposes for sale, or who gives, lends, buys, or receives any large-capacity magazine” Makes owning, selling, buying, and manufacturing 10+ round mags legal, allows using 10+ round mags in featureless builds. Still technically illegal to use in mag-locked rifles and pistols (makes them assault weapons).

Honk honk

First match ever, and basically the first time I’ve actually used my rmr with an illuminator (@paul_rath1 ‘s) on my pistol with nods (@solscud007 ‘s). My pcc was malfunctioning (😢) and every other pcc I touched wouldn’t run (3 total lol!) so I had to use my workhorse 🤷🏻‍♂️ @low_pro_apparel face wrap


Med ⛑ Disclaimer: I have no training or experience 🧥Coat/pocket carry: RMT tourniquet FoxSeal nonvent chest seal NAR mini responder 4” ETD (elastic bandage) WoundClot hemostatic small ABD pad Surefire m600df Flip box cutter/utility knife Slim card-holding wallet/phone/keys on a neck lanyard. 🚗Car/second line kit: CAT 7 tourniquet Combat Gauze hemostatic Xgauze junctional gauze (3) ABD pads Cold weather gloves (touchscreen friendly) Nitrile gloves/batteries/duct tape/ear pro/lip balm/sharpie/ballpoint pen/lighter Glock 34 Tlr1HL in a @vdevelopmentgroup Rigel holster and (2) mags with Hornady Critical Duty 🐺Spiritus S.A.CK.: (2) RMT tourniquets overt (1.5” and 2”) (2) xGauze junctional gauze WoundClot hemostatic large FTS vented chest seal NAR mini responder ETD 4” (elastic bandage) (2) S-rolled compressed gauze (4) ABD pads NPA Decomp needle Scissors/nitrile gloves/sharpie 🗝Admin pouch: Batteries/ear pro/lip balm/lighter/hex keys 🤕Boo boo pouch: Alcohol/BZK/Povidone Iodine prep pads Triple antibiotic/Hydrocortisone/Benzoin/Sting relief/Burn cream Bandaids/wound closure strips Misc medication Nitrile gloves/tweezers/q-tip/woven med tape/duct tape 👖War Belt kit: (2) CAT 7 tourniquets overt (2) Hyfin Vent compact chest seals WoundClot hemostatic small Compressed gauze Elastic bandage Nitrile gloves/duct tape Scissors/sharpie overt 🇺🇸 Criticism appreciated.

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