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Mama, Wife, Editor, Designer @GirlWithCurvesCollection. Inspiring you to ❤️ your curves since 2011 - read the latest on GIRLWITHCURVES.com


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Milpitas, California

Casual Friday wearing my fave combo: Girl With Curves sweatshirt, high waisted jeans and slides. 🤗 Raise your hand if you want more Girl With Curves branded clothing! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️

, giving my kids my undivided attention isn’t something I’m naturally good at. Cooking dinner, doing laundry, Netflix — you name it, I’m distracted by it! 😩🙈 But as I see my kids growing up right before my eyes every day, I realize how important it is for me to be truly present. So today I wanted to share some quick and easy things I do each day to get some quality time in with my kiddo, in hopes of inspiring my fellow parents to do the same. ☺️ . 1. Have a daily “connect time,” completely screen free. Talk about the day, a recent movie you both saw, or simply play a game of your child’s choice. Even just a few minutes of giving a child your undivided attention goes a long way. 2. Create a special ritual, something that can be done every day. Whether it’s brushing your teeth together each morning, dancing to your favorite song after school, or cuddling up with a book before bed. Having a special part of your daily routine you can share, makes it that much more meaningful. 3. Make mealtime a family affair. Parents are typically prepping meals anyway, so involving your children makes it fun, while teaching them responsibility as well, not to mention they’ll be excited to a meal they helped prepare!

Downtown San Jose

Another day, another budget-friendly dress that looks like a million bucks — this one’s under $30! 🤗🙌🏼 I love how easily it dresses up or down + it’s a classic waist-cinching silhouette that looks good on all shapes and sizes.👌🏼 Shop this look by clicking the link in my bio or http://liketk.it/2DqI8 @liketoknow.it 👉🏼 I’m wearing a size XL but could’ve gone down to a L since it runs slightly big. More pics, details + links are in today’s post over on GirlWithCurves.com.

Inchin's Bamboo Garden- Sunnyvale

Thank you all so much for your anniversary wishes on yesterday’s post! 🥰 And for sharing that you too celebrate your dating anniversary — now I know we aren’t weird! 😂 Hope you had a great Monday and your week is off to a positive start. ❤️

Inchin's Bamboo Garden- Sunnyvale

Date night celebrating our 11 yr dating Anniversary (our 9 yr wedding Ann. was a couple weeks ago) 🥰 Does anyone else who’s married still celebrate the dating anniversary, or are we just weirdos? Lol Any excuse to go out to dinner without the kiddos, I right?! 😩🙌🏼 My outfit is linked in my bio and these jeans are currently on sale — I’m wearing my normal size 16 for reference.

My self-esteem fluctuates throughout the year, and it takes a major dip when summer rolls around – could it be the swimsuit anxiety?! 🤔... Today I wanted to share 5 things I personally do when my self-esteem needs a boost, which I hope you incorporate into your life when you’re feeling less than confident. 1. Role Play — grab a piece of paper and write down a description of yourself through the eyes of someone who loves you. Taking a step back to see ourselves through the unconditionally loving eyes of a family member or partner, without the self-talk that brings us down, can be a revelation! 2. Show-off your favorite traits. Focus on what you love about your and play it up! Is it your eyes? Pull your hair up into a high ponytail and use bolder makeup on your eyes than the rest of your face. Is it your glorious behind? Show it off in jeans that hug your in all the right places. 3. Be kind to yourself. Talk to yourself the way you would talk about your best friend or kids — you deserve the same kind of love and praise you give to those you love. 4. Quit comparing yourself to others. It’s easy to assume someone may have it all together, when in fact they’re dealing with their own issues. Focusing on yourself and where or whom you hope to be 5 years from now is a better way to channel your energy, more productive and positive in the long run. 5. Do a social media purge. If you feel a little deflated or defeated by scrolling IG or FB, unfollow accounts that make you feel less than — anyone you choose to let into your life should add positivity and light, not cause insecurity. ❤️

Audrey Hepburn was right, happy girls truly are the prettiest girls. 💕 This lil ray of sunshine makes me happy seeing the joy in her eyes everyday, and is a constant reminder of why my mission behind GWC, to inspire unapologetic confidence, is so important... I hope you’re always strong-willed, confident and unbothered by a world that can’t always judge people for who they are vs what they look like. I hope you’re always confident enough to know your worth isn’t measured by a scale, the number on a size tag or what’s in the mirror. I hope you never let anyone dull your shine! 🥰

When I asked Dave to take this pic, he said, “beach towel vibes, but make it fashion” 😂 He legit thinks my jacket looks like a beach towel, but I love it anyway! 😌 The moral of the story? Wear what YOU love, regardless of what anyone else thinks — fashion is about how clothing makes you FEEL, and this beach towel duster makes me feel hella cute + confident. 🤗 This look is over on the blog today, and linked in my bio as always! (Wearing an XL in the jacket and 16 in the jeans).

Milpitas, California

Pool day with my little mermaid 💦 Hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend!

San Francisco, California

Denim on denim + lots of snacks before heading into a meeting for @GirlWithCurvesCollection 🙌🏼 Reviewing a few samples today and this is how I feel: 😩🙌🏼🤩🤗💃🏻

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

It’s officially espadrille season, and I’m here for all the different styles, although the wedge is my fave! 🤗 They’re comfy, go with literally everything + add interest to even the simplest of outfits — what’s not to love?! 🤩 Sharing 3 Espadrille styles to wear now, including links to some of my fave styles, over on GirlWithCurves.com / PS - this look is linked in my bio, I’m wearing an XL in the dress and the shoes run true to size.

San Jose, California

My favorite thing about waking up every morning... finding these two hanging out in Minnie’s crib. I hope they’ll always be this close. 🥰 Also, how did I give birth to twins almost 4 years apart?!

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