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Henrik Lundqvist

Goaltender for the New York Rangers. See myself as a New Yorker, or close to it.


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Week 2 of my goalie camp in Sweden. Been doing this for 15 years now, always fun to see the excitement in these kids. The hard work, commitment and chasing that dream. My brother Joel joined forces 9 years ago with his players camp. Fun discussion yesterday with all the players and parents. Most important subject if you ask me was the fact that I’m 40 minutes older.. 🙃 😎 @lundqvistgoaliecamp

Back at it! 😎🏒

Back to Sweden last night after another great weekend in London.

July 2nd mood..

Honored to be nominated for the King Clancy award. Can’t make the show tomorrow in Vegas but thanks to everyone that are helping me and also giving me an opportunity to reach people around the world. Playing hockey has been such a big part of my life for almost 30 years now and the game has given me so much joy. I feel like the work I do through @hlundqvistfoundation and my partners @gardenofdreams @nyphospital @togetherforbetter @ronaldmcdonaldbarnfond helps me get perspective in life and at the same time trying to make a difference.

Ser fram emot en ny utmaning och att dra på mig den gul-blåa tröjan igen.🇸🇪

Winning moment🙌🏻😎 Allstar weekend was definitely one of a few highlights throughout the year. First few months I felt great, 2nd half not so much. Have some time now to reflect and analyze the season and learn from it as I move forward. I want to take this opportunity to thank all Rangers fans around the country that continues to support us on the road. All the fans I meet on the streets of New York city and of course all of you showing up @thegarden each night to support. It all plays a huge part in why it’s special to be a New York Ranger. THANK YOU!

Score some Rangers tickets, pucks or some advise how to stock your fridge the proper way🙃 Heeeooooo Click the link in my bio to enter the contest. ?

One of the most unique player and teammate I ever played with. Brings so much to the table. Will miss you a ton! 😔 My favorite moment as a Ranger, “We’re going to the finals!!”

Tomorrow we celebrate the great Rangers team of -94. For the game I had this special mask made. A tribute to the one and only, Mike Richter.

That went well👍🏻🥇 What a great weekend. So much fun. Thanks to San Jose for hosting!

Fun night in San Jose👍🏻😎 Back at it tomorrow.

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