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New York, New York

heard the going out top is making a comeback 😏 @netaporter

NoHo, Manhattan

Ready for this heatwave 🐅🐅🐅 @netaporter 📸: @xin____wang

New York, New York

It’s a jungle out there 🌺🌺🌺

Bedford, New York

soaking in the suburbia 🌞

Barneys New York, Madison Avenue

Celebrating this amazing woman @tracyandersonmethod & her new collection at Barneys! This saying that I’ve never heard before is written on some of her pieces: “tabula rasa” which means “to wipe the slate clean.” Pretty great, right? Thank you, Tracy, I never stop learning from you! 🧠🙇🏻‍♀️💖

Tracy Anderson Method, Tribeca (NYC)

It’s been hard to properly recover this stress fracture. I haven’t been wearing my boot (doesn’t go well with 90° heat & summer dresses 😂) & all the shoots I’ve had lately I’m running & jumping in heels all day long which sets me back juuust a bit. If Sean didn’t make me ice it multiple times a day I probably wouldn’t be doing that either. 😬😂 I was craving some cardio today & this didn’t really irritate it so I went for it 💦

New York, New York

Catching an A/C break in the motorhome in between shots. We were shooting winter coats & layers in the 85° heat today! 😂

Fifth Avenue–59th Street

Them: “modeling must be glamorous” Me:

NoHo, Manhattan

Happy 4th! Having an early dinner bc I have to wake up at 5 tmrw for work 😳🇺🇸🎇♥️

New York, New York

it’s like 100° in NYC but you’ll never hear me complain! back sweat, sweat, it’s fine. 😂

Urban Zen

the perfect summer dinner with lush greenery all around 🌿🌷

English Turkish