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Denver Hairstylist

Located at Henry’s Salon For Inquiries & booking click the link below ⬇️


+1 3032042017

450 E. 17th Ave. Unit 100 Denver, Colorado

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Aurora, Colorado

It’s all about the details💫

Denver, Colorado

Come behind the chair with me as I do three small layers of feeder braids. For my client we use two and a half packs of braiding hair. Oh yes this style does take some time so clear your day. 😊 For booking please click the link in my bio!💫 . . . . .

Denver, Colorado

Oh hey @mc_grayson ! 🤗 it’s always such a pleasure seeing you. Length ✔️ trim ✔️ soft and flowing ✔️. To book click link in bio.

Denver, Colorado

Can we just take a moment to look at her hair journey. With consistent hair appointments and some protective styling, this is her hair growth within three months. Everyone will have different results within that time frame but is what I live for. Good hair is healthy hair.

Just because I like the curls and color of this one. Book for the month of June!

Denver, Colorado

🌺6 feed in braids w small braids in between 🌺😊 To book click the link in bio ! * * * * * * * *

City of Castle Pines

She’s is so stunning !

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