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The official Instagram page for Inforce. Specializing in lightning solutions for consumer, military, and law enforcement applications.


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135 Circuit Drive North Kingstown, Rhode Island

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Thought we needed to take a second look at this beautiful AK from @damage_photos —————————————————————— @damage_photos ・・・ Full details: Custom build and cerakote by the artist known as @km3solutions @jmaccustoms RRD4c Keymo Jmac 14.5" Barrel Jmac Gas Block JMac stock adapter JMac prototype Stock machine turned and ghosted in cerakote elite/burnt bronze, drilled and tapped for riser @circle10ak Romy G Kit @rsregulate rail - machine turned flats, ghosted Elite Cerakote and Burnt Bronze VEPR heat shield - Cerakote gold mix MAK90 top handguard with @Khybercustoms Swiss grater inset, cerakote burnt bronze, wood refinished and cerakote cleared Khyber customs VERA grip - bottom custom cut, stippled, refinished, Cerakote cleared @cmctriggers coated in custom gold Cerakote mix @sabrewerks13 sight mount system with @shield_sights @krebs_custom selector Childers Receiver - engraved and all Cerakoted OD/Bazooka green Cheek riser - top of MAK-90 stock, fitted and refinished, Cerakote clear Bolt carrier - engraved and cerakoted custom gold mix Bolt - polished, deburred, cerakote Elite Smoke Romy G dong, cut and modifed into MLok shark fin, refinished and Cerakote cleared

So many reasons to hit the ❤️ button in this photo! 📸 @theneomag

Bumblebee build from @roguetailhunters

Thanks for showing us your @rowdyredbeard 👊 👊👊 Show us your INFORCE EDC using for a chance to be featured on our page.

Equipping the best with the best. 📸 @agmdefense

What are your thoughts on this frame from @sonorandefense 🔥 📸 from @sal_gunz

Train Hard Be Fearless

How often to you train with your strong hand AND your support hand? —————————————————————— @realworld_tactical ・・・ Here’s only a glimpse of my range day focusing on strong hand and support hand shooting, using a 50lbs sandbag from @xdfitofficial showing 2 variations 1st drill is standing and kneeling and 2nd drill standing kneeling and prone all drills were conducted at 15 yards on 6 inch steel and 10 inch steel from @actiontarget PT Scout. Aim small Miss small. _ Pain and fatigue cripples every neurological aspect in the skill of shooting thus affecting your ability to apply the fundamentals so it becomes harder, Fatigue will hinder your ability to perform at your optimum level, I mean every element trigger control, breathing sight picture, Running from target to target 5 yards apart shooting from the standing position isn’t RUNNING AND GUNNING or even close to getting you fatigued._ _ You don’t know what your capable of until you do it or try it, you don’t know how hard things are until you do them. Having 50lbs on your chest and having to get up from the floor without using your hands is pretty freaking hard, you have to have core strength and be able to stabilize the weight and create momentum to get back up and still apply all the fundamentals of shooting. Having control of your through strength, coordination and stamina creating efficiency in movement through coordination and training will make all the difference in the world if you come across a traumatic event. BOTTOM LINE IS it’s not always about being pretty for the gram or being fast, it’s about the struggle and the and performing under those elements that will define you and make you better in not only shooting but every aspect of life!!! Tee and pants from @vertx_official Holster and mag carriers @vegaholsterusa _ _

Denver, Colorado

Eyes, Muzzle, Threat!!! 💀🦇 ♠️

Do you leave the stock trigger or go aftermarket? I’m loving this @apextactical trigger!


We want to see your Inforce 🔫 Post a picture of your edc gear using for a chance to be featured on our page. —————————————————————— This EDC comes from our LE Sales Director.

M and P MONDAY from @sal_gunz

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