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Jennifer Carter

, 🌲 • 📷 • @msjennifercarter 💁🏼‍♀️ • light & love chaser ✨ • creative journal 💭

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Miramichi, New Brunswick

When you have a freakin’ gorgeous friend who asks for maternity photos in the CUTEST little ensemble 👌🏼 That belly is everything 😍 So excited for this little mama!!! • • • • •

Miramichi, New Brunswick

So very obsessed with these just-before-dusk photos 👌🏼 This is my very favorite style to shoot! (Van or no van 😄) A few notes on what type of projects I’m taking on: • I shoot in natural light only! It’s my favorite & it’s just what’s working for me 💁🏼‍♀️ so I shoot in your home or outdoors in good lighting ☀️ • I only take on “lifestyle” shoots - family, couples, & maternity / newborn+family. I do not shoot “family portrait” style or use props (this scene was set by the couple!), there’s many that do it perfectly & I’m leaving it to them 👌🏼 • I want to make you laugh & capture the best of you, which isn’t necessarily your “best side” (they both are your best, btw) or the perfect pose - we gotta let loose 💃🏻 Candid & real are my jams 👏🏼 • • • • • •

Miramichi, New Brunswick

When your mama is the greatest of all time & you know it 🥰 I said it once I’ll say it again - get in those photos, moms!!! They will: A) be like wow my mom was a freakin’ fox because that’s what I think when I see my mom in albums 😂 (& now in real life) 🤷🏼‍♀️ B) see very vividly all of the loveeeee 😭 • • • • •

Miramichi, New Brunswick

I 100% guilty of focusing mainly on the interactions between ma & baby 🤷🏼‍♀️ I know how it is - a cera roll full of photos of them, a ton of photos of sweet little moments with dad, & maybe the odd selfie of you & babies (& kids are babies until they’re at least 3 because we still call Ivy that). 😂 I’ve been making it a priority to get MYSELF into the photos, & I want that for you, too! So here I just trying to capture all the casual goodness & show you how adorable you are even when you aren’t looking 🥰 • • • • •

Miramichi, New Brunswick

I. Love. To. Document. I seriously think it’s so important to have special days - or even regular shmegular days - documented forever, IN PRINT! I was so excited to document this beautiful girl’s bridal shower 🤩 It was absolutely gorgeous! Point: let me document your life, k? 😘 & just one more time now - “document.” • • • • •

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