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Karrueche™️️ @electricrepublic @abramsartistsagency @onemanagement karrueche@gmail.com http://Facebook.com/itskarrueche


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EAST COAST starts in 5 min! The crew is together and we’re watching and live tweeting.. JOIN US! @clawstnt

TiTi & KT! You know you my girl! @blameitonkway

Who made the baby cry? Find out who needs they beat tonight 9P! @clawstnt @tntdrama

Mustique Island

I wanna go back!

Happy birthday @jacobyork!! Thank you for always being YOU and never changing! You deserve nothing but the best! Love you! ❤️

@thisiszerohour is doing something super cool this week! They’re hosting the in Miami July 12th - July 14th. They’re fighting extremely hard for our planet and climate change and need our support. Please I encourage anyone in Miami to register and attend. This is life changing for all of us and the future! Visit http://thisiszerohour.org/miami/ for more info ❤️ @jamie_s_margolin

Which VIRGINIA mood are you? @clawstnt Tonight is @niecynash1’s directorial debut! Watch with me and live tweet at 9P!!

Tomorrows episode is directed by @niecynash1. I made sure I was bad as hell, like for exple here I eating fried shrimp during a take hehehee 😁 @clawstnt

bomb braids by @e_scizorhands

Hello NOLA 😊 Feels so good to be back in my second home! ❤️

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