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It's ok to laugh. You were the worst once, too. Use to be featured. Email for collaborations. & @annaistheworst @thingsaretheworst


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Yep. Eight months pregnant. Got knocked up again when I was four months pregnant with this one. Apparently I have two wombs. Medical miracle, they say. I’m just glad I only have two . Well, other than that third one they THINK has a but could be a pimple. Hard to say. Even though IT is actually quite hard to the touch. But maybe I should try feeding THIS baby from it before the next one comes, because that would save me a lot of time. Can you imagine feeding two babies that are four months apart? I’ll be a total milk factory. Wait. Why are you uncomfortable? You asked about my body, I don’t know why you’re walking away. .

Not your room!! What punishment for MEEEEE! . ?

Oh my gosh. Your responses in the Stories are killing me. I have to post some of them here in the feed. . It’s like I always tell my kids, you can always get more but you can’t get less. So STOP POURING! . Which one has been your favorite?

Do not finish that sentence. Unless you were going to say “at the end of your arms.” . What else can you do without hearing again? More in our Stories. .

I don’t need FaceApp to tell me I’m getting older... I have my kids for that. . (ps: over on @annaistheworst we are talking about data-storing apps, if you’re interested or scared or totally confused at what I’m even talking about 😂🤔🙌) .

And if they don’t, I’ll just eat a different one until I’m miserable. 🤔😂 . Hope you get to celebrate today even if you’re in a different nation. What’s your favorite ice cream EVER? Mine used to be Thrifty’s Chocolate Malted Crunch but now I just want black licorice or caramel with chocolate chunks () . And you? .

I discovered the ultimate for the summer! Keep a few @redbaronpizza boxes in the freezer for all of those last-minute, unplanned parties. We have had a crazy July with family and friends stopping by at all times of the day AND night. And you know how kids are ALWAYS hungry, especially when visiting at a friend’s house? Ha! Just last night, my teenagers had a bunch of friends over and cooked up some @redbaronpizza to keep their party going. Everyone is happy and nobody’s hungry! Boom! Summer success!

An oldie, but somehow summer just brings out the unsolicited advice in EVERrrrrrryONE! . What’s the best comeback for unsolicited advice? I think my go-to is a really exaggerated “thayyyyyyyyankssssss” as I slowly walk away, smiling. .

I mean, if we are going to add to the old faces, might as well make a joke out of it. .

Who needs an aging app when you have these two celebrating the white stuff that goes on sandwiches?! . Are you Team Miracle Whip or Team Mayonnaise? Or Team _________? 🤷🏻‍♀️ . The cute girl was from a video sent by DM from @brittneydawnbird . Keep sending me your pics and videos and tagging

Write a 10-page report real quick on why you think there’s “nothing to do.” Single spaced, 12 point font. .

This shoot may be all about the baby, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be about the big brother. . is good for everyone 📷: @beckyspencer

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