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Mom to Theo, Henry and dog Maple. Wife to Jonathan. U.S. Senator and candidate for president. Text BRAVE to 60980 to get updates from Gillibrand 2020!


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When you speak, I listen. I take notes. And then I do something about it. That's how public service is supposed to work. In this democracy, your voice should be just as important as the Koch brothers'. In my administration, it will be.

Dubuque, Iowa

Wrapped up my eighth trip to Iowa with even more commit-to-caucus cards filled out! And the best part? Many of them are first-time caucus-goers. Now is the time to make your voices heard, and I'm grateful that so many young Iowans are ready to join us and prove that brave wins.

Last week, we drove from Pittsburgh, PA to Lansing, MI to share my plans to deliver results where Trump has failed. America needs a president who will listen to people and solve problems—not break promises. That’s why I’m running for president, and that's why I'll beat him.

Dyersville, Iowa

You know you’re in Iowa when... 🌽

Recently, I was asked a question that I think a lot of people have: What is white privilege, and what should it mean to people who feel left behind?

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Had an amazing afternoon at @progressiowa’s Corn Feed, talking with caucus-goers about everything from climate change and health care to what it’s going to take to defeat President Trump.

Oakland County, Michigan

Thank you, Lori—for your incredible work with Fems for Dems and for organizing such a wonderful event in Oakland County, Michigan. I can't wait to come back!

‪I loved getting to catch up with my friend @amandadecadenet to talk about feminism, ambition, and life on the campaign trail. Listen to our conversation on Spotify—link in bio.

Oakland County, Michigan

The mission of the bus tour was to go to some of the many places where President Trump's broken promises have hurt working people most. Listening to their stories only reinforced my belief that we need a president who's brave enough to take on the tough challenges—no matter how hard they may be—and deliver results where Trump failed.

Flint, Michigan

Trump said he’d help Flint families—and he hasn't. Residents and activists have been left to fight for their community while his administration fails again and again to address the crisis. I’ll listen to the families, and be the fierce fighter they need. Link in bio.

Oakland County, Michigan

Yes, this bus tour is an opportunity to share with voters my plans for progress in this country. But it's also an opportunity to listen—and I don't take that lightly. Because you know best what you, your family, and your community need. You know what's wrong, and you know what would make it better. My job is to take the stories and experiences you share with me and do something about them. And I'm humbled every day by that, because there's nothing I'd rather be doing. A public servant works for the people she represents, and as president, I'll answer to you—and only you.

Oakland County, Michigan

President Trump promised to do something about gun violence, but instead, he is actively standing in the way of common-sense gun reform. Every day, 100 Americans are killed with guns. We deserve a president who will do something about that—so here's my plan. Link in bio.

Today in Youngstown, OH, a woman asked: "This is an area that, across all demographics, has been because of the loss of industry and the opioid crisis. What do you have to say to people in this area about so-called white privilege?" Here's what I answered.

Cleveland, Ohio

Social Security is more than an entitlement: It’s a benefit all Americans earn over their lifetimes. President Trump turned his back on seniors when he proposed budgets that gut Social Security. I'll protect and strengthen it. Link in bio.

Nila works long, hard hours at UPMC, but she still struggles to make sure her sons have the health care they need. We need a president who believes that health care is a right and not a privilege, and has a plan to make that happen.

Youngstown, Ohio

President Trump promised workers that he would stop companies from shipping U.S. jobs overseas. Instead, he gave massive tax breaks to those companies—and did nothing when they gave huge bonuses to executives and outsourced jobs anyway. I'll fix it. Link in bio.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Prescription drug prices are out of control. Hard-working Americans are having to choose between paying for their medication or keeping food on the table. Trump promised those prices would come down—and he failed to deliver. Here's how I'll get it done. Link in bio.

Tomorrow we kick off our Trump Broken Promises bus tour. We're going to communities that have felt the impact of Trump's lies and failures the hardest—and I'm going to share some of my plans to fix them. Learn more about the tour at kirstengillibrand.com/promises.

The best way to spend a summer day? Backyard-hopping all over New Hampshire, having much needed conversations about what it's going to take to win the White House and reclaim our democracy.

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