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Andrew Cooke

I am a ceramic artist working in Northern Ireland , My inspiration comes from my love of ,from to


+44 7854773030


17 Grand Prix Park Dundonald, Castlereagh, United Kingdom

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Casting the latest mug for @squeezedupmovie , learn by doing !!

Looking a bit of advice from the people, on some of my moulds I getting air bubbles, I thinking the casts are not dry enough? This ceric lark is not easy ye know !

This is the mug I designed for the guys at @squeezedupmovie it’s a hotrodder tiki squeezing a lime ! Can’t wait to see him glazed up. Follow for updates on how and when to get one. @stefan_immke @pixeleye

Nearly ready to take a plaster mould of this bad boy for @squeezedupmovie thanks to @stefan_immke and @pixeleye for the opportunity to get involved with this. This is the first stage And I make the sculpture in then take a plaster mould.

And another mug in the works with @stefan_immke ,sipper mug works great !! This is a sample and the glaze will be a lot better. #

Flat out working on mugs for @squeezedupmovie I so chuffed to be doing these. Keep checking back for process. And make sure you follow @squeezedupmovie @pixeleye @stefan_immke on what’s going on with the movie,these guys are living the dre !!!

Another amazing lamp made by @tiki_js in Hawaii from one of my custom painted gilman. Still hard to think how something I made in the hills in Co Down N.ireland is transformed into a lamp halfway across the world !!

Happy 4th of July to my America friends.

Sugar Cane

Well that’s the weekend over , we had the most amazing time and met some really great people and made new friends. Big thanks to @hula_kicks and the @sugarcane bar for the hospitality and really looking after us, this is what the tiki spirit is all about !!! If any is in London make a point to visit @sugarcane_london sugarcane its in Clapham junction.

Great to meet @hula_kicks at @sugarcane_london if your in @London call in on Sunday afternoon to get your very limited edition sugarcane mug only 20 made !

Playing around with fire and @stefan_immke kapu cove home tiki bar mug !

Couple of custom mugs I bringing along to @sugarcane_london sorry not for sale these are to thank @hula_kicks and @sugarcane_london for the invitation!

The finished mug for @sugarcane_london tiki party on Sunday. Thanks to @hula_kicks for the invite we are flying over to London tomorrow afternoon for a long weekend.The mugs will be on sale at the event.

Suitcase filled with @sugarcane_london @hula_kicks Tiki love party event mugs , I wonder what the security in the airport will say to this !! We leave tomorrow afternoon can’t wait!

With @stefan_immke checking the first mug out of the mould I can now announce I making mugs for @squeezedupmovie big thanks @pixeleye and the te. I living my dre , and my favourite things !!! Keep checking out for updates.

It was great to have @stefan_immke visit the headquarters and give the go ahead for his home tiki bar mug Kapu cove , run of 50. So I going to be a busy bee this summer !!!!

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