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Finding and sharing beautiful moments from my messy life. Say Hello - lizcherk@gmail.com


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Date night made infinitely better due to today’s epic sale finds at @nordstromrack. Picked up this gorgeous white slip dress and linen blazer both by @frame and half off. 👌🏻

Los Angeles, California

Something lovely for your Monday morning.

Los Angeles, California

Enjoying a lazy Sunday in bed. How about you?

Los Angeles, California

Just doing my thing ... Finally felt the pull of inspiration and spent the last few days creating just for the joy of it.

Canal Street

Bursting with color in celebration of summer thanks to the new @davidyurman Solari collection. From colorful gemstones to pearls this iconic collection is a true celebration of the summer season. Discover the collection today and treat yourself to something that will last a lifetime.

New York, New York

I’ve got to be honest my burn out on being a blogger/instagrer/influencer is no joke. I’m exploding with creative ideas and visions of what I want to create and yet I cannot bring myself to fulfill any of it. I will go and pull together the perfect look, research a new location, get S to take the day off, and when the day comes all I can do is sit completely frozen. Part of my brain scres at me to get up and move. The other part scres at me that none of this is worthwhile. Who else understands what I talking about when I say “burn out”? I know you’re out there! EDIT : I guess the big question I asking myself is “What value I adding by doing what I doing? And is there something else that I should be putting my time and passion towards?”

New York, New York

Just landed in NYC. Here’s one of the outfits I packed 🌻 Also I’m in need of recommendations for what to do in my free time. What do you recommend someone who’s been to NYC a hundred times? Welcoming all weird and off the cuff suggestions.

Los Angeles, California

Took a mini social media vacay, but I’m back and just in time for tomorrow’s trip to NYC. Working with a client I’ve been dying to work with for a while now 👏🏻

That Friday feeling! Today was a great day. I spent my morning on the phone discussing what I think will be the right Masters in Psychology progr for me. I followed that up with a wonderfully honest and engaging conversation with a trusted “industry” friend. And tonight I roasting a chicken for dinner and pickling onions for tomorrow’s taco night.

I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to school for my Masters in Clinical Psychology. I currently going through the process of finding the right progr. If you’ve been through the grad school experience I would love to hear your advice!

Summer is here and so is festival season. This of course means that I've been obsessively playing around with new hairstyles and trends. From pulling my hair into tight buns, to accessorizing with dozens of clips, my hair is constantly being pulled, pinned, and damaged. Enter @Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots, a deep conditioning hair treatment perfect for weekly use. I've been using the Intense Rescue Shots instead of my regular conditioner to help keep my hair feeling strong, healthy, and extra shiny. I'm thrilled with the results. If you've been looking to add a deep treatment into your hair care routine, give @Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots a try. Available at @target. Learn more on the blog.

It’s probably too hot but I can’t stop wearing my trusty pink blazer.

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