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Katy Keene coming 2020 @cw_katykeene ❤️• PROPEL CO:LABS fitness festival July 20-21. Tickets at link below


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how did I trust myself to wear white ?📷/ @randallslavin

Two more months until we start filming Katy Keene in NYC. Got to meet all the amazing writers today & they’ve really started to create a beautiful little world. ❤️ @cw_katykeene (for those confused, we shot the pilot already. The series starts filming this fall x)

One more because this was magical. I’m in awe of everything I experienced the last few days. •Life and people can be complicated and exhausting. I know all of you can relate to feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed at what’s going on around us. We all experience life and it’s complications, the ups & downs in very different ways. It’s very important to check out and put things into perspective. Life is so fragile and so beautiful and often we take it for granted. Things can change in an instant and it’s vital to hold onto what we can.• Im going to be honest , I’m an extremely anxious person. I worry about anything & everything. I worry about things that haven’t even happened. I take on other people’s worries. I would even go to say that my controls my life on certain days. It’s very frustrating and I know so many of you can relate and understand. My point in saying all this is that I want to remind all of you that it’s okay to slow down. It’s completely okay to tune out the people, the phones, all the noise...So much is swirling around us and often we miss important moments. I got to experience complete peace and quiet the last few days. It was good for my soul. And if you take anything from this, I want you to do the same for yourself ❤️

Clouds Rest

Half Dome, Full Heart 🏞❤️

Yosemite National Park

Ok Yosemite, I see you ❤️

Someone: “how’s life going?!” Me:

Happy 4th y’all! 🇺🇸🎆👙

And on this day a Kween was born. She’s brave, she’s bold, she’s beautiful. She rescues puppies, she supports other artists, she’s constantly learning. She’s funny, she takes no shit, she literally never stops working. Kristin, thank you for always pushing me towards being my most authentic self. Thank you for introducing me to @schittscreek. Thank you for your GINORMOUS heart. The most inspiring bishhhh in all the land. Love you my girl. @kristin_ess

HI LA FRIENDS!! I’m teaming up with @trainingmate and my legendary friend @milts1 to teach at @propelwater’s Co:Labs Fitness Festival happening July 20-21. I cannot wait to share my favorite fitness routines with you! It’s gonna be so much fun 💪🏼 Link in bio to get an inside look at my training and get your ticket to come sweat with me! Use the code COLABSLUCY25 for a discount.

gotta pocket fulla sunshine (and an oat latte) 🌻

Happy birthday LoLo. The amount of laughter and insane cackling that has come from my because of something you’ve said or done or tweeted or instagrammed goes beyond measure. You have a way of making people laugh til it & truly making people feel special. Thank you for going out of your way to lift me up when you know I’ve needed it. Hope your day is full of sunshine with a Mariah Carey soundtrack to back it up. Love you v v much!

Tubad so sad

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