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Equal parts Music 🎶 Video🎬 and Technology 💻. Follow my studio work @spacebarstudios and my Tech company @codebluetech


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California was bittersweet without Tom. But it’s 49 minutes of bangers. I’ve never heard an album so completely whole and consistent. No throw always, a few comical fillers but a perfect review of their current state. I dig this song a lot. . . @taylorguitars @martinguitar @prsguitars @bluemicrophones @audientworld @shure @blink182

I received a copy of Acoustic Guitar Mag back in 1996 with this song as the sheet music with a 5 page interview of Dave and Tim. I never heard the song but knew by the interview that it must be cool. I bought Live at Luther College that week to hear it because the sheet music made no sense. I learned it and played it as the only song I knew for about a year. My sister still asks me to play it all the time. She heard it 14000 times living next door to me. It’s not just the song everyone knows of theirs, it’s the reason I tracked the band for 20+ years after. It’s not their best, it’s not my best, but it started the fire. . . .

Yeah it’s a sad song but it’s THE sad song. Of all the carpe diem anthems of the 90’s, this one had staying power. Well done my dudes @eve6 I’m sure that’s what it says on the bottom of your Grammy. . . @avantonepro

I feel the same way about CTD that most people feel about Radiohead. Conversely I feel nothing for Radiohead. 🙄 To the indispensable, indisputable, mr. @crashtestdummiesofficial

They released the worst song I’ve ever heard yesterday. So in honor of bad choices, here’s one of their good ones. Happy Saturday!

I do love Jakob Dylan but didn’t The Wallflowers seem a lot like Biff Tannon in Back to the Future, stealing sports scores from the future to make money. I feel like Bringing Down the Horse was stolen from either Bob Dylan or Lil Nas X. . . .

No one can see this. I repeat, no one can see this👀 I love this as an opening track on a live set. Sets the tone for all the hateful that comes after it 😂 I think we can all relate to holding back words and pushing an outward appearance of anger. I’m certainly guilty of it.

Our generation’s Sweet Home Alabama.

This whole live album is solid gold. Timmy is a genius and the only hope I hold for the future of good music.

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