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Natalia Vodianova

Thanking all of you everyday for believing in me 🙌🏼❤️✊🏼 For inquiries timon@supernova.agency


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Forêt de Fontainebleau

Swinging past the weekend with @neva_portman 👱🏻‍♀️💓💓💓

🔥🎨 CREATIVE CHALLENGE ALERT 🔥🎨 Ready to create my new Vogue China cover? 😎💋💄👠💃🏼 Remix this image on PicsArt and if it is REALLY cool your artwork will become the printed cover of @VogueChina September issue. This is the very first collaborative cover signed by and community! Please make me EXTRA COOL 🤩🤩🤩🤩 If I convinced you, do it on PicsArt now! Only 2 days left! 😱 1️⃣ Download PicsArt and enter the 48h challenge 2️⃣ Edit my image by using all of your creativity and imagination 3️⃣ Post your artwork on PicsArt using the & 4️⃣ @PicsArt and its community will select the top 9 remixes, and the final list will be announced at @VogueChina Instagram and Weibo account 5️⃣ our very special Vogue jury, led by the incredible Editor-in-Chief @angelica_cheung, amazing photographer @solvesundsbostudio and myself will choose the final winner 🏆 🥰 6️⃣ the final winner remix will be printed on THE COVER OF VOGUE CHINA I mean 😍🔥♥️🤩😎 (link in bio, start remixing 🎨🤪)

Ready, steady, beach 🏖✅😍

Monaco,Casino "Monte Carlo

Thank you @chaumetofficial for having us 👑💎💫✨and congratulations on such a beautiful exhibition that made my heart skip a beat 🤩🤤💛💛💛

Monte-Carlo, Monaco

In love with Chaumet and the one taking the video @antoinearnault @chaumetofficial ✨✨✨✨ ❤️

Alicante, Spain

I just came back to Earth from heaven😇 For the first time in my life I spent three days alone, on holiday, using my phone only to take pictures and speak to my children and Antoine. Taking care of the little girl inside me that I always put last on the list. Couldn’t have chosen better place to do it then @shawellness . The level of specialists is very impressive, the place is beautiful and the food is delicious. See my stories for a little diary of my stay ♥️😘🙏🏻🌊☀️🌸 🥗 🥤 @shawellness Земля, я снова здесь! Я вернулась из другого измерения! Первый раз в жизни я провела три дня наедине с собой, в полном одиночестве, не используя смартфон ни для чего, кроме как фотографировать красоты и разговаривать с Антуаном и детьми. Пожалуй,в первый в жизни я прислушалась к той маленькой девочке, которая всегда была со мной, но на которую всегда не хватало времени. Мне повезло с выбором места - удивительная красота, очень вкусная еда и специалисты, знатоки своего дела. Первое, что я делаю по возвращении, - делюсь благодарностью с @sha в сториз. ♥️😘🙏🏻🌊☀️🌸 🥗 🥤 @shawellness

Paris, France

The before and after @maisonvalentino stunning show 🤪🥰🌹♥️ maestro @pppiccioli im your biggest fan 💓😍💞👏🏻😃

Paris, France

Sunset o’clock during fashion week 🌅🙏🏻 ⏰

Paris, France

Summer in Paris ☀️🌻🙏🏻

Sundays are for nap time ☺️♥️👶🏼☀️💤

Champagne-Ardenne, France

Happy weekend everyone from my field to yours 🌺🌾🥰 маки - мои любимые цветы, а какие любите вы, дорогие? 🥰🙏

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