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Video screenshot by @bertiegregory | A male polar bear stretches on the west coast of the Hudson Bay in Canada. These huge bears can weigh up to 1,600 pounds (726 kilograms). This particular male was in no rush. He was waiting at the water’s edge in anticipation of the big freeze, an annual event when Arctic waters turn into a rock-solid ice pathway. This ice allows him to hunt his primary prey, the ringed seal. Our warming climate is delaying the arrival of the big freeze by about a day each year. That means that this bear has lost a month of the hunting time that previous generations relied on. To see this guy in action and to learn more about polar bears’ incredible lives, check out my new online series, ‘Wild_Life: The Big Freeze’ at natgeo.com/wildlife or on National Geographic YouTube. Content sponsored by @ExploreCanada.

Photo by Ismail Ferdous @ismailferdous | A portrait of a boy who works in the leather industry in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. He's turned a deflated basketball into a helmet to protect his head. The industry was the second largest export sector of Bangladesh in 2014-2015. For more stories follow @ismailferdous

Photo by Jimmy Chin @jimmychin | Step, step, breathe. Kit DesLauriers finds calm amid the chaotic crevasses of the Khumbu Icefall, Chomolungma (Mount Everest). No crowds (or any other teams on the mountain) were seen on this ascent of Everest during the post-monsoon season. For more images of mountain adventures around the world, follow @jimmychin

Photo by Drew Rush @drewtrush.| This grizzly bear was on the hunt for food as he prepared to head into hibernation for the winter. Shot on assignment for @natgeo magazine in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. To see more predators from this part of the country, follow along with photographer @drewtrush.

Photo by Aaron Huey @argonautphoto.| Oglala Nation Pow Wow, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota. So much beauty... words fail. These images need to have the sound of the drums. To hear the sounds and see video from this powwow and Pine Ridge follow @argonautphoto.

Photo by Robin Hammond @hammond_robin | “People are learning that we're actually pretty normal people,” says 78-year-old Gary Lee Lawson at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Lee was replying to my question about the changes he’s witnessed over the last 50 years, since the Stonewall Riots–an event considered by many to be the spark that lit the rights movement in the U.S. I met Lee while documenting stories of struggle, survival, and resilience from LGBTQ+ people around the U.S. See "Stonewall at 50: Stories of resilience and resistance" on the Nat Geo site. The U.S. is the 14th country where I’ve done this work. You can see more of it by following @whereloveisillegal

Photo by Carlton Ward Jr. @carltonward | Swipe for panoramic: July is peak season for cattle ranching in Florida. Ranchers from across the state will gather their herds for the annual sale of calves. I’m looking forward to getting back there, including spending a week with the Seminole tribe. In addition to being one of the top producers of cattle in America, the Seminoles also raise quarter horses. I’ll never forget this morning a few years back at the Brighton Reservation, when this train of horses came thundering out of the fog and then disappeared. @fl_wildcorridor @natgeoimagecollection

Video by Joel Sartore @joelsartore.| An endangered red-shanked douc langur sits for its Photo Ark shoot at the @endangeredprimaterescuecenter in Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam. In Vietnamese, this monkey is called vooc ngu sac, which means “five-colored macaque,” a reference to the species’ colorful fur. To see a still shot of this species, follow me @joelsartore.

At approximately 20 feet long, Deep Blue might be the biggest great white shark ever caught on camera. Learn more Sunday, July 21st during a brand new special, "World's Biggest Great White?" at 8/7c.

Photo by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto | For the biggest and best floating markets, head for Vietnam. Phung Hiep in the Mekong Delta is at the confluence of 5 canals where farmers bring their produce by boat (there are no roads) to the daily market.

Photo by Ira Block @irablockphoto | A boater heads out in the early morning fog on Inle Lake in Myanmar. This freshwater lake, in Shan state, is the second largest in the country, measuring about 13 miles long and 7 miles wide. It's home to the Intha fisherman, known for their "leg rowing" and conical fishing nets. Besides fishing, the lake supports unusual activities, like farming on floating islands and a textile industry that creates cloth from the stems of the lotus plant. Villages on the lake are made up of homes built on stilts that are connected by bamboo walkways. @irablockphoto to see more images from the world.

Photo by Lynsey Addario @lynseyaddario | United States Border Patrol agents on horseback chase after and detain undocumented migrants along the border with Mexico near Penitas, Texas, June 7, 2018.

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