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but that dustin/suzie duet CHANGED me...

brb throwing my phone out the window so i never do this

tag yourself, i’m that struggling little pizza crumb

“I have to see how people react to it. It will be a very timely little arc,” @nattyiceofficial said about her workplace storyline this season to @refinery29. “It makes you think. I’m glad the brothers were going in that direction [with the show] and would like more. Let’s have it, we want it.”

ok but what if i sneak on set just to get some snacks?

summer fashion is my passion

3 years ago, we first met these heroes

Happy International Non-Binary Day! If you don’t know what non-binary means, a simple definition is that it’s an umbrella term for a person who identifies with or expresses a gender identity that is neither entirely male or entirely female. Today is a good day to learn more, celebrate your non-binary pals, and continue sharing the love!

tag a friend who would leave you on read like _____

I didn’t sign up for this!!!!!!

Badass cred: @joeyking Video cred: @joel_courtney Bottle cred: @jacobelordi

i love to hangout online

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