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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Posted @withrepost@3nsoproject 😃🧸😃🧸😃🧸😃🧸😃🧸😃 . . 3nso Charity Project has teamed up with 👇 •Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity @echcharity •Multiple Sclerosis @shiftdotms . . WHY? . . ⭐️ YOUR PAIN THIER GAIN 😍 ⭐️SUPPORT OUR SICK CHILDREN ❤️🧸 ⭐️HELP GIVE NOTICE AND SUPPORT TO A VERY WORTHY MS CHARITY 😃 ⭐️GREAT PURPOSE TO GET FIT (no brainer) ⭐️LOW COST (no brainer) ⭐️FEEL INCREDIBLE (no brainer) . . HERE IS A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THE CHARITIES ( link in bio for both websites to look further 👀 ). . . Shift.ms - (@shiftdotms )is the social network for people with multiple sclerosis, helping to Reduced isolation, and and help the ability to come to terms with diagnosis and adapt to life with MS, whilst providing Greater knowledge and confidence to make positive choices about health, lifestyle and the future for MSers.🤩 . . ECHC - (@echcharity ) the ethos underpinning this fabulous charity “be a child first and a patient second “, this charity support and complement the work of Edinburgh's Royal Hospital for Sick Children (The Sick Kids) as well as other children’s healthcare settings across Scotland making the experience of sick kids less daunting, more magical and as light as we possibly can!! . Perhaps none, one or both of these charities and the situations they work to support strike a cord with you, but certainly you will know someone it does. These are incredibly important and close to the heart of many people I know including myself! . . WHERE? AND WHEN? TO FOLLOW!! . Spread the love and help us get NOTICED !!! . . 1- LIKE 2- SHARE 😃🧸😃🧸😃🧸😃🧸 . . @thetrainingroomcareers

Enjoying holidays and high days in Scotland has been up there the finest of them! . . .

Look, Louis. Everything the light touches is our kingdom. . . A king's time as ruler rises and falls like the sun. . . One day, Louis, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king. . . 🤣

@brayden_lynes . . You’ll not understand this love fully yet because you didn’t get to hold me like a baby...although you could now...just not the same... . . See, I’ve watched you fall asleep lovingly probably whilst in my arms (real love), I’ve picked you up more times than I’ve dropped you buddy and paraded you around like you were my own. Everyone I know has probably held you kid! . . You showed up and genuinely made me want to be a dad one day..... until you turned 3!! 😱🤯🤣 . . But, what a gift you are to us all, and a testament to your own efforts these last few years you have become an incredible (handsome) smart and competent young man! And of course nobody more proud than yer Nanny ma boy!! . . 16 years in the making!!! . . HAPPY 16 BIRTHDAY . . There’s a selfie at the end to remind you who’s most handsome! . . .

I can’t tell you how much I love you wee guy. . . But I love you so much! . . And how proud and amazed of the heart and soul you give the world my boy! . . Fine young man! . . @rio_lynes you are a diamond of a boy 💫 . . Onwards young buck 🤜🤛 ..

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

◾️◾️UPDATE◾️◾️ . HEAD COACH & FOUNDER . . NAME - Nicholas Thwaits . FULLY QUALIFIED . 2014-2018 @edinburghjudo HEAD PERFORMANCE COACH . 2014-2017 @edinunijudo HEAD COACH. . @judoscotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 coach of the year 2016 . 2x 🇬🇧 National Teams champion . . JUDO- “The gentle way” has been an OLYMPIC sport since 1964 Tokyo Games . With a worldwide membership of 50,000,000 where almost any/ability/disability can take part 👌 . THIS SPORT is designed to us as people. With One of the most versatile training and fighting regimes to be found. . . FIND YOUR DOJO MOJO WITH ME! 🤜🤛 . . BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION FOR👇 . . • ONE TO ONE JUDO 🥋 12 - 100+ years . • WEIGHTS PROGRAMS 💪 16 -100 +years . . • BODY- NUTRITION MANAGEMENT GUIDANCE - 12+years . . • CLASSES IN SCHOOL OR FACILITY - P1 + senior . .

Newhaven Harbour flex’n her talents

FULL POST 👉 @3nsoproject

Thank you for putting this in my ears oh so many years ago!! @nickjamespaterson 💙


|Jigorō Kanō| - 28 October 1860 – 4 May 1938


Got all my old pictures back!! Meet JIM!! Emergency landed his plane last year somewhere in Gloucester, he explained he refused to get a train, so he made a bet with his copilot that he would make it home before him, he hitch hiked to Worcester where we met him in a lay-by on way back from welsh open, he spoke Like the sterling gent he looks, nothing short of an absolute gent, could have profiled him as a pilot before he even said, anyway, asks for lift and explained his story, I believed him no bother 🤣 so took the stranger in and drove him home to his wife about another 50miles up the road. He had no phone 🤣 so I called his wife to confirm the story for him. Anyway, Turns out he’s a multi millionaire bought and sold well known household name company’s. Never even offered a dime for the fuel and he ate my snickers!! But some story’s and an absolute gentleman!! • Can’t wait for another road trip!! @jason_1875 @ollieshorttt 🤣

Happy birthday to my brother here, Andy, what a funny man, hardest working guy ever and bringing up a family with two beautiful and brilliant children, he doesn’t have Instagram but the big Arab deserves a shout out. Top guy, the family loves you bro. Happy birthday. Xxx

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

C H E C K I T O U T ! ! Couple old photos from times passed, I chores off your page laura. @ross_anderson1 @laurakirstygalloway • • Your special day has arrived! You are that couple!! That pure te that we all recognise are destined to have a day like this! Stuck by each other! Conjugated! Connected! Entwined! 🤣 You both are a match made forever! ☺️♥️ • • Sorry I can’t be there, hospital won’t let me out !! 😔 But I want you to know I gutted to not be there to watch and Enjoy every terrifying minute! • • Go make a man out of this boy!!! All the best guys. Love ya x x x

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