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Paul Labile Pogba

Born Ready 👊🏿 | Contact - contact@paulpogba.com

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Central Park

@iamzlatanibrahimovic thanks for the invite!I’ve just put my pogtouch 😉if you don’t mind 2bottles capchallenge now 😜

Come hangout with me and @adidasnyc, July 2 at 1pm. Meet and greet is first come first serve. 565 5th Ave New York, NY 10017. See you guys there!

⚽️❤️😜 2v1 that’s not fair

Con El conejo Malo @badbunnypr 🔥

Fiers de nos “Bleuses” much love girls @equipedefrance

Phoenix, Arizona

Son! the world is full of surprises

La Pogbance part 2 ! Enjaillement 💯

La POGBANCE au complet 😜...Wooaaah

No caption needed 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣.. @florentinpogbaofficial we wait for you

ありがとう see you again soon Japan @adidasfootball @rakeem_madeit

Tokyo, Japan

Now that’s a wall ⚽ @adidasfootball

🇯🇵 @adidasfootball

Merci Shanghai 👊🏾 @adidasfootball

happy father day to all the dads in the world 🌍 So blessed 🙏🏾

感谢中国人民,希望能与大家早日再见!❤ China 🙏🏾👋🏾 @adidasfootball

Shanghai, China

Do you know in 20 years there may be more plastic than fish at the sea? Today I joined the running community in Shanghai to take action to protect our oceans in the worldwide movement. @adidas @adidasfootball

Was nice to meet you Korea, thanks for having me 👊🏾 @adidasfootball @bts.bighitofficial

Asia I’m here @adidasfootball

Celle là last game of the season we finish well .. time to relax 🤙🏾.. congratulations to my brother @kurtzouma for his first goal 🙏🏾 @equipedefrance

Quel honneur, Monsieur le Président!🇫🇷🙏🏾 @emmanuelmacron @equipedefrance . What an honor, Mr. President! 🇫🇷🙏🏾 @emmanuelmacron @equipedefrance

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