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Official IG | Stream season one of : The Perfectionists on freeform.com or @Hulu |📍: splitting time in Rosewood + Beacon Heights


500 S Buena Vista Street Burbank, California

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Portland, Oregon

Hey there, are you looking for a QUEEN? 😉

Happiest of birthdays to our @hayleyerin13. Drop your love for Hayley down below. 🎉💛 ____________ P.S. Sending you lots of love + chocolate. Always chocolate.

Portland, Oregon

Once a creeper, always a creeper. 😂

Portland, Oregon

If you're not watching, you're really missing out. Stream season one of on @Hulu, On Demand, or freeform.com.

Rosewood, Pennsylvania

Somebody find us a cowboy hat ASAP. 🤠

Portland, Oregon

There's always that one person in the friend group...

When iconic is drawn even more iconic. 🔥 ___________ Art via @theprettylittleliner.

Los Angeles, California

Be still our pretty little hearts. __________ 📷: @televisionacad / @sandrobaebler 📔: 📺:

Rosewood, Pennsylvania

Which one is you? 👇🏼

Los Angeles, California

Adding a little sunshine to your feed. __________ 📷: @televisionacad / @sandrobaebler 📔: 📺:

New York, New York

Oh, wow. Okay. We see you, @SashaPieterse. 😍

Today's the last full day to vote for this perfect show. is nominated for + @SofiaCarson is nominated for in the @TeenChoiceFOX Awards. Let's go vote, vote vote. Link in bio.

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