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Actress/Singer/Author/Entrepreneur 🇲🇨 Business Contact for Music prillymusic@gmail.com


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The best feeling in the world is when you feel loved by someone you love. Thanks for the lilys! Semenjak aku gak posting apapun soal kehidupan Pribadi, malah makin banyak yang kepo yaa wkwk well nanti aku jawab2in deh pertanyaanya besok di Shopee live hanya di aplikasi @shopee_id jam 11 WIB! Biar gak ketinggalan pasang pengingatnya di https://shopee.co.id/live-streaming 😊 see you guys!

Sejujurnya di video ini adalah ricebowl kedua setelah aku ngabisin ricebowl Paru @nonajudesss wkwkkw enakk bangettt!! Buat kalian yang suka udang harus cobain ricebowl udang balado ini! Ps: INI TANGAN KANAN!!!! Dan sudah berdoa yaa! Awas aja ada yang bilang kiamat sudah dekat perkara makan tangan kiri 🤜🏻🤛🏻


Mama, aku mau kembali kecil... Perasaan dulu pas aku kecil gak pernah nemuin anak seganteng mereka. Tapi mereka percaya aku umur 13 tahun hahahahahhaha 😂

Awww i hit 30 M followers! Y’all crazy! Thank youuu! ❤️

Happy b’day Papa! You’re such an amazing dad! I’m so grateful that i have you in my life! Wishing you the greatest things in life, happiness and healthiness! Love you! ❤️ Ps: you’re still handsome with your sleepy face don’t worry 😂

Reading Danur 3! Slide 1: oke nanti adegannya gini ya.. Slide 2: shotnya juga kira-kira gini.. Slide 3: tau ah capek... numpang tidur siang ya guys. 😂😂

It’s always amazing to have a friend who share the same vision and love to work as much as you do! Well, what an amazing crazy experience we had in Hongkong! 17 meetings in total, late night discussion and also memorable laugh we shared! I had so much fun! Prilly's the best experience ever after LA! Ahaha but i wish this time will open “new door” for us to go to completely different world! Why not?

At the end of the day, it’s about your work and how you maintain quality. Social Media is not to impress but to impact!

A million “thank yous” to @riseconfhq for the opportunity to speak on such an important stage before the brightest tech minds from around the world. Although it was nerve-wrecking at the beginning since it was my first time ever speaking at an event at this calibre, but no words can describe how I thrilled I was by the experience. I hope my two-cent would mean something to anyone that was there today.

I feel humbly proud to be part of @riseconfhq 2019, the largest technology conference Asia. Feeling the excitement being amongst the brightest minds in digital tech from all over the world. Sincerely hope I can share my two-cent on how important it is to use social media not to merely impress people, but more importantly to impact people. Tune in for my session on RISE FB page (LIVE) : . RISE Event page on Facebook. ⬇️ - 11:45 - 12:05 Hongkong Time. Turning social presence into social good (Center stage) ⬇️ - 13:45 - 14:10 Hongkong Time. From entertainment to entrepreneurship (Strartup University)

Be a woman with attitude.

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