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Husband. Father. Owner of the best dog on planet earth. Go Niners/Giants/Dubs. East Bay, All Day. I make movies when they let me.


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Happy birthday to one of my favorite people on planet earth. @hiryanhansen

Happy birthday to the most beautiful, most bad ass, momma bear bride a fella could ever want. Definitely out kicked my coverage on this one. Love you for always @sarahkthurber

Incredible day at Fort Irwin visiting the amazing men and women of our army at the national combat training center. So inspiring. The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment does not around.

Super great episode of @importantnotimportant that’s worth a listen. Rhiana Gunn-Wright, a 29 year-old Rhodes Scholar who’s helping to write the New Green Deal, gives us the lowdown. Impressive stuff. We’ve only got one planet, people. Check it out on your podcast app of choice!

MGM Grand Garden Arena

Never in my life did I think I’d have 17,000 people sing me Happy Birthday in Mandarin. Thank you @jaychou — you’re the nicest I know. Thank you @davidkwong for the sweet impromptu video skillz. Thank you @hannah_quinlivan for being so sneaky and wonderful. And thank you @sarahkthurber for sitting by me throughout it all (I love you).

We’re back, baby! So proud of this show. Season Two is live! Check it out on YouTube. Pretty please. @hiryanhansen @noblewood @stclairjessica @rob_corddry @jeffwadlow @ericcolsen @stephenmerchant @tomspanicboner @kenmarino @rejectedjokes

Back on social media for a good cause, with two great humans @johnaugust and @mikeyireland (all thanks to Billy Ray!)

Go see @crazyrichasians tomorrow at theaters everywhere! Best thing you’ll do for yourself all week. It’s funny, heartfelt and romantic AF. Written by the incredible @peterchiarelli and directed by the wildly talented @jonmchu — run don’t walk!

So thrilled that a global audience embraced Skyscraper this weekend making it the movie in the world. So rewarding to see audiences — the folks who plunk down their hard-earned money — enjoying the movie so thoroughly. Makes all the hard work and bumps in the road worth it. So thank you thank you thank you to everyone at home and around the world for going to see our little burning building movie. We made it for you. @skyscrapermovie

(swipe left) Reviews and box office are how we’re judged in the film business. Sometimes they’re good. Sometimes they’re bad. But this night here — this moment — was life-changing for me. Never been prouder to be a filmmaker, or of the film we made. Never happier than when I saw the faces of the folks at the Rusk Institute. Learning that our movie made them feel seen in a way they almost never are in movies and media: as people who live and love, struggle and laugh just like we all do. That night is going to live in my heart forever. Thank you @therock and @nyulangone Rusk Rehabilitation and our friends at @xbox @microsoft@skyscrapermovie @flynnpictureco @hhgarcia41 @ms.wendyjane @sevenbucksprod @danygarciaco

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