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TMNT ((🎨 BY: Kael Ngu)) A human woman named Jennika, or Jenny for short, has been making waves in the series of late, as she is both the love interest of Casey Jones and a member of the Foot Clan. Though the Foot Clan is typically a villainous group, it was actually taken over by Splinter in this comic series, and he’s been hard at work trying to reform them into something more honorable. Jenny has long been loyal to the ideals of the Foot Clan but often found herself conflicted with what was right and wrong. That was put to the test when former Foot Clan leader Karai confronted Jenny and asked for her help in retaking control from Splinter. When Jenny refused, Karai stabbed her. The Ninja Turtles tried to rescue Jenny by bringing her to a lab where they planned to save her with the healing properties of the Ooze, but that plan was interrupted when they were attacked and the Ooze canister was destroyed by the Earth Protection Force bad guys and Metalhead. Desperate and running out of time to save Jenny, Donatello decided to use Leonardo to perform an emergency transfusion into Jenny, hoping Leo’s mutant would be enough to do the trick. The transfusion proved to be successful, with Jenny surviving, but it had the unexpected side effect…. of transforming her into a turtle!

A surprise straight from ! There are FOUR episodes left of "Marvel’s " Season 6, and we’re bringing you an EPIC look at them before tomorrow’s new episode at 8/7c on ABC! . Agents of SHIELD is officially ending after Season 7. - -

The Masters of the Universe never looked so good! — More cosplay at Blerdcon . Credit to @legendofmicah . This group was so cool at @blerdcon ! I grew up watching He-Man. . He-Man = @hellspawned_cosplay Skeletor = @thesmoke007 She-Ra = @brownelegz Man at Arms = @live_well26 Orko = @bigsmu . . . .

1st Ninja Turtles/Power Rangers team-up coming in December The teenagers with attitude meet the heroes in a half shell in the upcoming five-issue limited series MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS/TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES! . Cover by @dan_mora_c. . . . . . . . .

"TomHollandBetterPrayUp started trending on Twitter. . The hashtag first caught fire after rapper Golden G released his new track entitled “Zendaya.” In the song, there’s a lyric referencing how he’s gonna steal Zendaya from the actor who plays Spider-Man and says, “Tom Holland better pray up, cuz imma make it go Zendaya.” @g0ldeng . . .

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