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visual artist + photographer + writer + creative director + consultant + poet ——————————————————gupte.rhea@gmail.com ——————————— no sponsored posts —


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Last year at a meeting with a huge cosmetics giant I learnt that fairness creams are still the highest grossing and highest demanded product on shelves in the Indian market. We NEED to change this statistic. This is a mindset and it is our responsibility to change it. We need to ingrain in every person and especially kids, whatever colour they are, it is to be proud of. Parents and relatives and any adults the child is in contact with, need to understand that calling their child nicknames for being dark is NOT endearing, it is rooted in deep insecurity and bias which we have had in India since colonisation. This IS the colour of OUR skin. It deserves love, affection, acceptance. Start from yourself and spread this love to the people close to you. Next time you hear somebody complain about their complexion or tell you to worry about yours, take the opportunity to start a conversation, take the opportunity to uplift yourself and the person you are speaking to. Every person, every family, every school can make a difference which can one by one empower an entire nation. My poem BROWN is published in a book titled PAPEACHU REVIEW by @papeachupress and can be purchased at papeachupress.com/shop ———————————————————————

There is a place in the mind where everything blooms. Stay there often, leisurely, as long as possible. Photography, Styling, Creative Direction @rhea.gupte Hair & Makeup @nummmzzz Models @irene_augustin & @tashipedy at @animacreatives Client @poshpride ————————————————————————

You know how memories work, they stick with people. They let people define you by their memories of you. However, we are not the memory of a person. We are what we are today, right now, in this moment. We have grown over the years, we have built ourselves up over time. We do not deserve to be stuck as the version in somebody’s memory of us. We deserve to give ourselves the consideration and admiration of who we are today. — Throwback to making memories with the nicest people. Photography, Styling, Creative Direction @rhea.gupte Hair & Makeup @nummmzzz Models @irene_augustin & @tashipedy at @animacreatives Client @poshpride ————————————————————————

Hello South Korea! ^_^ My work is being showcased at the CONCEPT 2019 exhibition at the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (@cicamuseum) from the 28th of June to the 14th of July. A big shoutout to all the other artists showcasing too, they have such beautiful thought processes for their work, I was lucky enough to get a private sneak peek of the entire exhibit. Makes me feel so inspired and motivated. I also want to spend some more time writing a better Artist Bio for myself. All of these artists have such beautiful, detailed, open-hearted ones. I will be exploring my depths to come up with a deeper, more meaningful and soulful bio this week which fully represents me and my work. Do any of you struggle with writing your own bio too? It is a rather daunting task but we are always learning. ————————————————————————

Hello! Its me! ^_^ Some of my selected works are going to be exhibited at Kunsthaus Rhenania in Köln, Germany for the INDERNET exhibition by Masala Movement (@masalamovement) alongside some brilliant artists of varying disciplines. If any of you are around, do attend the showcase on any day from the 28th of June to the 7th of July. For those who aren’t based there, I will try and share more about the exhibit closer to the dates. Thank you for being a part of my journey.🖤 ————————————————————————

This poem Ours or Theirs is published in Word of Mouth (@wom_mag), an online and print feminist magazine. For many years growing up, I was unaware of the feminist movement, it’s meaning, what it truly entails. It wasn’t something that was naturally a part of my life or in the literature I was exposed to as a kid or teenager. It is only as an that I took the time to educate myself about it through reading and hearing thoughts of people whom I could learn from and who weren’t afraid to make mistakes and correct themselves. So many of their thoughts resonated with mine and so much I could truly take in as new information, life lessons and in some cases even a change in my perspective. I made my prior ignorance a motivation to step up and learn and read and ask. Ask questions from people who know, go out there and read, be open to learn and keep your mind open to a different way of thinking and challenge your own thought process. I kept a large part of my thoughts unpublished and unshared because I felt I should have more knowledge than I do to talk about certain topics and that I wasn’t ready because I didn’t know as much as so many people out there. However, what I realised is that starting the conversation about something one believes in is more important than knowing everything. I ce to this conclusion from realising that there is never an end to learning about something, but if I know something, I can pass it on and learn more about it. Here I sharing more of my thoughts and I’m open to learning and growing from yours and to also correct myself should I ever be ignorant about something or be unable to address something as inclusively as I’d like to. ————————————————————————

It has started raining in Goa. The only place I love the monsoons at. Today it showered all morning and the weather was beautiful. However, this means I’m only taking up studio and indoor photography projects. (Unless the shoot is in a non-rainy location elsewhere) June and the first half of July are already booked out, but, do drop me an email related to bookings for the second half of July onwards to gupte.rhea@gmail.com for - photography + styling assignments - creative consultancy and/or direction - creative projects related to fashion, travel, design, books, websites, apps, games, music, food. - art commissions - volunteering (with non-profits only) Hope to hear from some wonderful people with fiery hearts based anywhere in the world. Bookings and enquiries only via email.🖤 ——————————————————————— Photography, Styling, Creative Conceptualisation by @rhea.gupte Client @varnikaaroraofficial ———————————————————————

It is easier perhaps to write or create something which means nothing. However, truly sharing yourself, your mind and your emotions is something that can make us feel vulnerable. Especially when practiced outside of a comfort group or safe place. My series Skinned delves into baring your true and bare self in order to understand each other at a deeper level. It is something that can be cultivated, as and when one feels ready to do so. Gently, patiently. ————————————————————————

I do judge creatives by whether or not they form a habit to credit. If you work with a team, respect each member for their contribution to the final product and give them that respect by mentioning their contribution. If you use images off the Internet, make the time to find out who created the image and make sure to credit the creator. If you work with interns, make sure to mention the capacity of work they did and add it to the project bio. Let’s treat others with kindness for the value they bring to a project and have supportive work environments, where each person, no matter their role, can truly thrive within and beyond that role. ———————————————————————— Dream team ahead!🖤 Photography by @rhea.gupte Model @archanaakilkumar Styling by @ashtonsashacameron @audreymariaallen Hair & Makeup by @ashtonsashacameron Client | @mountainandmoon Styling Credits | @mountainandmoon @hickeyhardware @ilka_the_label Location courtesy @sujanluxury ————————————————————————

Making beautiful things with beautiful people and also missing them. *_* — Photography by @rhea.gupte Model @archanaakilkumar Styling by @ashtonsashacameron @audreymariaallen Hair & Makeup by @ashtonsashacameron Client | @mountainandmoon Styling Credits | @mountainandmoon @hickeyhardware @poppylissiman @onefellswoopofficial @ilka_the_label @brookedacruz @natalierolt @papadontpreachbyshubhika Location courtesy @sujanluxury ————————————————————————

Over the last week I received a few DMs asking me about how one should start with whatever one wishes to do. It is hard for somebody to know where you are in life, in your skill set, finances, and it is not something a stranger could truly give advise on, in a way that is actually pertaining to your situation, so I find this a tough one. But I will attempt to simply share some of my thoughts which may or may not be applicable to everybody. In my opinion, the answer to ‘How to start?’ is, just start. If you want to be an artist make art, if you want to be a dancer, dance, if you want to be an actor, act. Find places where you are able to do the things you wish to do. Join an art school, find a dance troupe or a theatre to perform at. Find people who do similar things, learn from them and teach them. You don’t have to have somebody tell you who you are, you can be it by doing it. Also think of your life and if you want to make money from your passion or just pursue it as a hobby. Neither is a wrong answer, only you know your circumstances and limitations of what you can and cannot do. (At least at this very moment) So if you are unable to overcome those limitations, work with them and be determined to make the best of them. If you do wish to pursue your passion as a career read about it everywhere. Use the Internet and read, read, read. Google every doubt that crosses your mind, learn everything you can and then apply it. Form your own learnings and learn to apply them too. Learn from your mistakes and be open to unlearning whatever you need to as time passes. Be creative not just in your craft but with how you approach your life, as there are no fixed paths. If you decide to pursue your passion as a hobby, remember to do it, make time for it and enjoy it. ^_^ — I an artist so I make something daily either visually or through words. Here is something soothing I created from my Flowers For series. ————————————————————————

For those who have lost loved ones. It is hard to convert the pain, grief and emptiness into a warm and nurturing emotion. It is hard to accept that a part of the heart may always be missing. It feels like a change too big to wrap ourselves around. And yet time passes with no regard for our loss, and though our world has turned upside down, the world turns just the same. So everyday we will our mind to take a step to be better. But the mind wishes it’s own time and there are days when it prefers to take several steps backward. So we accept every emotion that comes our way and treat ourselves with kindness, nurturing our thoughts, hearts and memories with care. ————————————————————————

All work is not ’content’. All work is not created with the vision of filling up one’s social media, increasing a number on these platforms, soliciting buying or getting paid to post something. As soon as one thinks of their work as ‘content’ they are grappling for the next thing to post, the next thing to generate actions and reactions around. Why not create wholly for the purpose of creating and share fully for the purpose of sharing? Let’s create art instead. All kinds of art. Thoughtful and thoughtless, expressive and activist, emotional and emotionless. Let’s create meaningless art and meaningful art. And let’s stop referring to hard work as content. The world is not just about social media and what is or isn’t posted. Creation is not about social media. Creation is not for the purpose of social media. Creation is for self-growth, for exploration, for expressing, for feeling ones own fragility and emotions. One creates inspite and social media exists despite. Let’s re-learn to appreciate photographs, paintings and other 2D works like one would films and songs, the latter would hardly ever be referred to as ‘content.’ Sometimes the medium is the demise of a movement, and social media in all its beauty can be detrimental to how one creates and consumes, especially images. So let’s make from our hearts, for the purpose of making. Not for filling a square. And let’s learn to appreciate what has been created beyond the boundaries of that square. Let’s share from our hearts too, for the sake of purely sharing, for starting conversations, for building a community. Not a lot of people grow up aspiring to make content, but everybody dreams of making some form of art. ————————————————————————

I have always enjoyed working as a freelancer, to the point where I very, very passionate about doing it well, setting my own rules and respecting myself and the people I work with. As a growing industry (especially in India) there is a lot we can do to make it better for newcomers stepping in. I have learnt quite a bit in my twelve years of freelancing. It is a career choice with many perks and many, many challenges. I’m putting down a few pointers for all you freelancers out there. - keep your portfolio updated so you can email it or direct people to it - save, save, save a large portion of every payment you earn - work on personal projects in your downtime and also prioritise working on personal projects so you can grow beyond the work you regularly get - work on further developing your skills in the areas you feel yourself lacking and where you wish to explore - work on showing your work online, within a creative community or wherever you find it of value to you to display your work - collaborate with other creatives you know or connect with - have the conviction to reach out to potential clients whom you are interested in working with and do it mindfully - make a support group to talk about where you are and where you want to be, could be with fily or friends or other creatives, or a combination - use time to do things you enjoy and which make you grow, like reading, a sport, cooking, adventuring ^_^ developing a hobby, could be anything! - respect your time and that of others and be professional and punctual - in times when you don’t get work — Work more! I’m aiming to share more about my learnings and experiences in the near future. If you have any specific points you’d like me to address I’d be happy to share my thoughts on them. ^_^————————————————————————

I had a few of you ask me via direct message what circular fashion is or what circularity in fashion stands for. I will try my best to explain it as per my understanding. Those who can contribute their knowledge to this topic, please do add to my points or correct me if I have misunderstood any part of this. I trying to learn about these concepts to the best of my ability but I no expert. The intention of circular fashion is to have all fashion related products be useful and wearable for as long as possible in very high quality through multiple wears and multiple wearers, and, at the end of their lifespan, are able to go back to our biosphere without causing it any harm and in fact providing it with nourishment. In order for this to happen, our clothes need to be made, at every stage of the process, with circularity in mind. Right from the way the crop for our clothing is grown and spun, how a product is produced, to any raw material attached to the garment like buttons, bows, embellishments etc. Every step of the way, the garment or product has to be treated in a way that is non-toxic and eco-friendly in order to enable it to become a part of our environment once again. This is where the fashion industry aims to head and it is a she we haven’t always treated our resources from earth with care. But we can still start, educate ourselves and take as many steps as we are able to. Photography, Creative Conceptualisation & Direction @rhea.gupte Client @ikkiviofficial Featured garment by @mishethelabel sourced from IKKIVI. ————————————————————————

For IKKIVI's summer 2019 campaign titled — Take Me To The Sea — I was inspired by the concept of circularity. I wanted to bring about a narrative of how, if it were a utopian world, every piece of clothing could go back to earth, where it came from, in its entirety. I hope for these images to resonate as a connection to having circularity in the fashion industry, along with starting conversations about how we often discard, reject and consume clothing mindlessly. Through this photo series I also continue my exploration of giving clothes human qualities and having them emote. By making clothing the heroes of this campaign, I hope to have them seen as possessions for life rather than something one wears only for a single summer. Photography, Creative Conceptualisation & Direction @rhea.gupte Client @ikkiviofficial Photographed garments @biasindia @maati_nehakabra @the_loom_art @doodlageofficial @mishethelabel sourced from IKKIVI. ————————————————————————

It is. We are harsh with ourselves. A thought, an experience, a dialogue, can, at times, knock ourselves off everything we believe of ourselves. Why do we let that happen? We never treat the people we love that way. We give them the benefit of the doubt, we are gentle, we are calm. We are great at giving advice about self-love but not practising it fully, entirely and with acceptance. Self-love, is not about never admitting to your own mistakes and faults, or not being open to improvements. It is about approaching yourself with kindness and care. About accepting who you are and being open to changing it, if that change is something that will grow you. It is about expressing the same love towards yourself that you would towards somebody you love and holding onto that love even in difficulties and challenging times. ———————————————————————

A few of my selected works are exhibited online at @siilkgallery along with an interview. I do always end up feeling, when I re-read my interviews, that I could have answered every single question so much better, no matter how long and how much care I take to answer every question honestly and openly. The link to the interview is in my Instagram stories for the day. ————————————————————————

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