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@Taron.Egerton is Elton John in , NOW PLAYING in theatres! 🚀 Get tickets:


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Pioneer. Trailblazer. Icon. 🚀 Celebrate  and experience Elton John’s incredible story on the big screen in , now playing in theatres everywhere.

for ! 🏳️‍🌈 Celebrate with , in theatres now. 🚀

costume designer Julian Day sat down with @DerekBlasberg to discuss bringing @EltonJohn’s iconic fashions to the big screen. 🚀

for Rocketman! 🚀 Experience on the big screen now!

This one's for you. 🎶 @Taron.Egerton surprises the himself, @EltonJohn, to sing Your Song on stage in Hove, UK. 🚀

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Elton John’s incredible story comes to the big screen in the epic musical fantasy , now playing in theatres everywhere. 🚀

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