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📍 Building @pnwcabinland with @jacobwitzling 🌱 Vegan lifestyle 📺 CABINLAND, all 6 episodes↙️


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Thank goodness I was patient. I was waiting for you @jacobwitzling ❤️ . 📸 by @justindkauffman .

My outfit is from @fashionnova ❤️ Walking amongst my ancestors in this ancient grove (~swipe~) . Outfit called “True Icon Skirt Set” .

Gorgeous dress from @fashionnova 👗 Yes, the water was really this blue. It’s only a little planet, but how beautiful it is 🌎💙 . Dress name “Jonnie cutout midi dress” .

Vancouver, British Columbia

What an amazing experience floating around the sky, and dropping down to earth wherever our hearts desired! Thank you @bradleyfriesen and @mrbentley_thedog for a time I’ll never forget! 📸 by @jacobwitzling .

Swimsuit from @fashionnova 👙 I made a new cabin, like it 😜? .

Thanks to @revolve for sending me this cute outfit! Tagged the brands if you love too 😘 Cabin by @jacobwitzling

Olympic National Forest

Got dressed up in @fashionnova and had a date night yesterday. When you live in the woods you gotta get creative and make your own five star restaurant 😉. Getting a spot with a view is the easy part. . Dress name “cut me in one shoulder mini dress”

@fashionnova to celebrate 🎉 (swipe to see the back) the first morning in the new kitchen of the diamond cabin! Yay! We decided along with the outdoor shower it needed a cooking space! This cabin has it all now!! I’ll share more detailed vids and pics in a bit! 😘 .

Olympic National Forest

Can you tell how happy this new outdoor shower makes me?!?! 🌲😁🚿 It only took us 2 1/2 days to make from scratch! . Cabin by @jacobwitzling & @saraunderwood 👙 from @andi_bagus .

Olympic National Forest

Sending you love from @pnwcabinland 💕 We are champing at the bit to start the next build (and share it with you) 🤗 . .

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