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Doing it all. CEO & Creative Director @same

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What a beautiful, magical place. I had been wanting to visit Cuixmala since I first saw it start popping up online a few years ago. Being called a “private getaway for the rich and famous” (wording that sometimes makes me skeptical) I could never have imagined exactly how special it would be. It’s part safari, part fantasy but also feels like home. It’s design is spectacular, but also somehow feels untouched. Animals (like zebras and crocodiles) roam freely on 30,000 acres, and the food all comes from organic farms on the property. You can venture to the farm to get your own fresh fruit (or just have it brought to your casita- the staff is incredible.) I’ve been lucky to travel all over the world and a place like this is a rarity. It’s not necessarily easy to get to, but that’s very much the point. Thank you @revolve for the experience of a lifetime.


*Tags best friend*: “Us all Summer 2019.” @revolve


*Saves to moodboard: Mexican Summer* @revolve

Revolve Summer at Cuixmala

Instagram you’re a tough crowd to please these days but i’ll keep bringing it 💥💥💥 @revolve

Revolve Summer at Cuixmala

Talk about a breakfast with a view @revolve


Made it to Mexico for @revolve . (I’ve been wanting to visit Cuixmala for years!!!) Rules: stay hydrated, shoes only when necessary. 🤗

Miami Beach, Florida

A little champagne and collagen water for brunch please! In Miami for a day to celebrate with my @vitalproteins family

The Bahamas

We went on vacation and don’t have a lot to show for it besides this pic. That, for me, is a real vacation 🤗🏝

Harbour Island, Harbour Island, Bahamas

Stilettos are the new flip flops 😂

Harbour Island, Harbour Island, Bahamas

Happy Fourth of July from the islands!!! 💥 🇺🇸


One of my favorite suits from the @same x @victoriassecret exclusive collection. What an absolutely special (and fun) project, and a very exciting milestone in my career. I grew up waiting for the VS swim catalog to come in the mail... I could never have dreamed of all this happening. Thank you for being so supportive and a great team to work with! ❤️❤️❤️

Turks and Caicos Islands

Sweet candid moments behind the scenes with @victoriassecret by @andrewdaystudio

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