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Sootch00 Gun & Gear Reviews. God Bless America, Long Live the Republic! 🇺🇸Business Sootch00@gmail.com. FB Page www.facebook.com/Sootch00FunGunReviews


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The Clinton House Plantation

1000 Yd Stare with the CMMG .224 Valkyrie and Leupold VX-3i 6.5-20x Scope at the Clinton House Range. Perfect Day! @cmmginc @leupoldoptics @the_clinton_house . . . .

Greenville, South Carolina

Our son Seth had an accident last night. He's fine but his new 4Runner is totaled. He was going though a green light when an ambulance was heading to a call... they were not hurt either thank God. . . . .

Omaha Beach

U.S. Military Service Pistols at their Apex! Beretta M9A1, Colt M45A1 and Sig M17. Three incredible pistols with totally different designs. All three courtesy of GunProDeals.com @gun_pro_deals_ @beretta_usa @coltfirearms @sigsauerinc . . . .

Big thanks to Skinny Medic for joining Robbie Wheaton and I today on our Tuesday at 2:00 Facebook Live on the Sootch00fungunreviews FB Page. @secureit Gun Storage makes a great backdrop 🇺🇸🇺🇸 @skinny_medic @wheatonarms . . . . &A

Cobra Lounge

New Colt Cobra is ready to go in 38 Special six shot. It’s great to see these classics resurrected! Thanks to @gun_pro_deals_ @coltfirearms . . . .

Universal healing light

Olight Elite Sale July 12-16 up to 40% off and some limited editions colors only offered during the sale. Video with links on Sootch00 channel. @olightworld . . . .


Sig M17 with Leupold Delta Point Pro. Current US Army sidearm. Thanks to Gun Pro Deals @gun_pro_deals_ @sigsauerinc @leupoldoptics . . .

My Quiet Place

My quite place...Bersa Thunder 380 with Threaded Barrel, Silencerco Omega 9K Suppressor. @bersa_usa @silencerco . , . .

Moscow, Russia

New Bersa Thunder .380 with Threaded Barrel. Similar design as the PPK... James Bond would be proud. @bersa_usa @eagleimportsinc . . . .


No reason to go through life unhappy! . . .

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