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Stella Bugbee

@thecut @nymag⚡creator of @freakebana🥦🌈


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July, a little freaky, never geeky on @thecut 💚@lindacardellini ✅🔋📗♻️🔫🦠🧪🌱🌵🍃🌱🐍🦖🐸🍏 Photograph by @jacqharriet Styled by @rebeccarams Photography Direction by @lradel Hair by @nikkiprovidence Makeup by @rachelgoodwinmakeup Fashion Assistance by @skinnybonesjoans

I never knew I was going to be one of those people who *lived* for the summer, but here we are.

The Arctic Circle (Tromsø, Norway)

No words. No filters. Nothing but sunshine 24 hours a day here.

Tonight at the @cfda fashion prom with @gabriellak_j and my @mrselfportrait dress. 💜🖤💛

Happy June from me and @asiakatedillon wearing @Prada 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌕 Photographs by @elizavetaporodina Styling by @rebeccarams Photography Direction by @lradel Makeup by @seongheeparkmakeup Hair by @errolkaradag Fashion Assistance by @devinemarieblacksher

Last night @davidghaskell and I talked to @nymag subscribers about how the sausage gets made, how David thinks about covers and talent, and the joy and challenges of running a media company right now. Also...my agenda for covering politics leading into the 2020 election. ☠️ But for real. 🏴

What a treat to have @theebillyporter on the Cut cover this month. When I think about what makes a Cut cover, it’s all in the eyes—the gaze, the confrontation, the vulnerability. I like a portrait that lets the subject talk back. I like simplicity, with attitude. It’s all about people. Thank you to everybody who works on the Cut to make these ideas manifest. 👑 Photography by @campbelladdy Styled by @rebeccarams ❤️ Photography Direction by @lradel Makeup by @seongheeparkmakeup Hair by @evaniefrausto Tailoring by @lucisewy Fashion Assistance by @gillianriveraa and @_valeriebutler Photographed at @shiostudio

Francis McDormand is my style icon. ❤️🔺❣️📍 @maisonvalentino @birkenstock


Good morning from me and the giant ceramic bottle of olive oil that now lives in my office. 🧡🐡📙

New York, New York

Beautiful Easter with some and friends.

My drawing of Adam in this week’s issue of @nymag 🖤 I’ve always loved drawing men—especially brilliant ones.

Musée Picasso Paris

Modern man. ❤️@toddstjohn ❤️

Paris, France

The struggle is real.

Meow. @nlyonne for @thecut // Photographer: @stevensebring Executive Producer: @kmacnyc Photography Direction: @lradel Styling: @cryoungin Hair: @robeauhair Makeup: @kabukinyc

The enigmatic and incandescent @nlyonne in @themarcjacobs for @thecut April cover. 🌓🌒🌑🌘🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓 Photographer: @stevensebring Executive Producer: @kmacnyc Photography Direction: @lradel Styling: @cryoungin Hair: @robeauhair Makeup: @kabukinyc

I don’t often do RIP posts but Agnes Varda made one of my favorite movies of all time. ✨ I wish she had been given the kind of funding and critical support afforded to so many of her male counterparts.

Some shots from this beautiful series by @djenebaaduayom on @thecut

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