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Houston, Texas

🤤 The most comfortable Sig I've ever held. Sig P226 Combat Elite 9mm ⠀ • • •

Las Vegas, Nevada

Guns aren't the only thing I like to photograph... ⠀ • • • **PLEASE POST PHOTO CREDIT IF YOU REPOST THIS PHOTO - @topshelftactical

Red Hill Range

@RickRock1776 Rocking the MP5 from @RuggedSuppressors at the @iraqveteran8888_official ⠀ 🇺🇸 @1776united 🇺🇸 ⠀ 👉🏼 @PewPewDaily 👈🏼 ⠀ • • • •

Jacksonville, Florida

Me, rocking the M240 from @ruggedsuppressors⠀ #💫💩👁❤Suppressors ⠀ ⠀ • • •⠀ ⠀ - 📷: @theblackwolfinc⠀ ⠀ ⠀

All Around The World

That's the name of the game we all play! This is just a tiny look at how that content is created in the field. It doesn't account for the endless hours poured out behind a computer and a phone going through photos and videos looking for the perfect shot then editing that shot to perfection, then sending that shot to our phones so we can upload to Instagram. It's a game we all enjoy, and all long to turn into a business! . @pewpewdaily @realbrandonherrera @tundratacticalmn @starkmedia_ @theakguy @thebeardedmale @blackwolf_inc @gunther_timez @theguncollective @theanonymous_gunguy @1776united @mymossgunsmith @rickrock1776 @iraqveteran8888_official . -

Red Hill Range

🤤🤤🤤 Big thank you to @SB.Tactical for letting me run their @HecklerAndKoch MP7! 🔥🔥🔥 Definitely a sweet gun to shoot! Thanks @thebeardedmale for filming. • • •

Dallas, Texas

. What gun is at the top of your list to purchase? SCAR 17 is definitely at the top of my list right now! . . . . .

. Had a good first day at Bumped into a ton of gun family while running all over the show floor and back and forth again several times with @TheBeardedMale and @HannahHadden . . . . .

Ares Firearms Training Facility

.⠀ What's better than running a full auto, suppressed, @CZusaFirearms Scorpion EVO A1?⠀ One with an @f5mfg 50 round drum mag!⠀ Shooter - @TheBeardedMale⠀ Gun & Suppressor - @Thompson_Machine_Suppressors Running @FreedomMunitions ammo 📽 - @TopShelfTactical .

Ares Firearms Training Facility

. Adam from @NFAreview shooting the @ThrowFlame XL18 with NAPALM ☄🔥🔥 - . This event is going live tomorrow morning at 10am, and you don't want to miss this!

. Caught @thebeardedmale riding in the Mercedes C63 AMG with my CZ Scorpion EVO! 🔥🔥 -⠀


• The @CZUSAfirearms BREN 2 - 806 is definitely high on my priority list to own. Unfortunately from what I'm told, it will likely be mid 2019 before they are brought to the US in pistol form. 🙁

Duval County, Florida

Who can name this gun? After a few guesses I will give away the spoiler and post more info about it. If you can't wait to find out what it is, DM me. 😃 In the mean time comment below if you think you know what it is!

United States

I've been following the brith of the AK-50 by @AKG_Industries for some time now, all along sitting on the edge of my seat, excitedly watching the V-1 AK-50 prototype grow into a fully functional, BEAST of a firearm! I can not explain how awesome it feels to be able to say I the 4th person in the world to fire the first ever AK chbered in 50bmg! @RealBrandonHerrera and his te at AKG-Industries continue to tweak and make minor adjustments making sure everything is flawless before their release of the final product. Once it is released this is definitely one badass rifle I plan on adding to my collection!

Jacksonville, Florida

Shooting the @fightlite.industries SCR Raider pistol was a dream. 2 handed as well as 1 handed, I was thoroughly impressed by the lack of recoil! And Check Out That BADASS Ring Of Fire! 😲 They've got these available in both 5.56 as well as .300blk 📸 via @BlackWolf_inc 😎

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