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TGR Roadless 👇


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Jackson, Wyoming

A seriously evil summer... @evilbicycles .. Trips me out every time I ride..🤘🏽Available in Jackson @hoffsbikesmith!

REALLY excited about this one, ! Last season @bryaniguchi, @jeremyjones, and I explored the Teton Wilderness on a 10-day human-powered expedition with @tetongravity. Guch has been a major inspiration for me, and as most probably know, it was his words “This process we follow, This cycle we ride” that were the backbone of our film ‘The Fourth Phase’. . Roadless is a film that focuses a bit more on Guch’s passion with the mountains during the best split trip I have ever been a part of. And with Jones and Guch! I mean come on!!! . Learn more about the film at my link in bio.

Astrology. 🌑🧲🧬 @cielawynter @jody_deychen 📷 @grego_campi,

Pisco Elqui, Chile

Standing at 13.5 thousand feet with @slashdiaz watching the sun disappear up here in Chile was something I won’t soon forget. A ceremony the night before, a shaman told us that a total eclipse has the power of 10 super moons and is a profound time for transition. So, we built a big one. I have never built a jump out of half rocks and snow, but hey, in these high and dry Andes one needs to be resourceful. Going to post up a little edit of our day here shortly. Pretty hard to sum up the experience in words. Just wow... . . . Haters are going to say that UFO bottom left is a lens flare....😎 .

Little mission up south... details in Stories.

Skateparkin with @chrisrasman@libtechnologies @fotomaxizoomdweebie — hipsssss

But a few of my FAVORITE rad dads... you are an inspiration🤘🏽and my dad is absolutely rad. Thanks for all those years playing with me and psyching me up on creatures.... Making me think I was really good at most things I probably really wasn’t... haha-

Two hands up 🙌🏼 for World Oceans Day... If only for the day. Think about every dollar you spend as an influential vote for the companies that you spend it on. We ultimately have the power as consumers to dictate what brands thrive and what brands crumble and die. We have slowly been filling the oceans with plastic and pollution for more than a Century, there is no reason we can’t clean it up within a few decades. Sailing the ocean and spending time in some of the most remote areas on this living planet, it is not hard to see how widespread the problem is, and frankly plastic was probably an inevitable part of humanity’s evolution, just like the responsibility to act on the information that has become so prevalent and mainstream is. Cheers to our blue planet and the fact that we are the solution, not the parasite. . @scottserfas and a wave we found and named in remote Kamchatka Russia.. water temp was -2*C with the morning air temp at about -25.. wave was so perfect it didn’t matter.! @ejackshreds @marklandvik photo by- @scottserfas @quiksilver seal skin and @libtechsurf eco waterboarding

The ole’ hippie.. Several years ago, thanks for pulling this one out 📷- @clarkfyans .. @redbull

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Riding the Bull… keep the weight centered and don’t get tossed! Dream lap during prime time conditions in Alaska. Wouldn’t you give it a shot!!? Shot on @GoPro

Honored to be nominated to the high alpine courts and judge the ! 10 clips submitted by each of the three teams. Captained by @ben_ferguson, @markmcmorris and @brockcrouch... and I was lucky enough to be judge, jury and executioner. That was fun- and it was a slaughter fest.⚔️.!

Stoked to be showing @jtaylorsmith and my short film on @shinbiyajima this weekend in Telluride @mountainfilm! @dylanparr_ will be there.! Available online but always better on the big screen! Playing on both Saturday and Sunday.

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